Why People From Some Less Developed Nations See Obesity As a Sign of Affluence – The Way I See It

Obesity has taken much of our attention in the news as we begin to realize how little we know about self preservation. In North America and other wealthier Nations around the world, prosperity has tremendously affected our lifestyles in the last 50 years. Food has become just another commodity we take for granted and we eat to feed all our worries, pain, joy and all other emotions. We no longer see food as a form of reward for a days hunt. Behaviors have changed and obesity has become just another of the many diseases we have to learn to fight with.

Studies have shown that many immigrants see obesity as a form of affluence and the rise in their numbers are having an influence in the growing number of not only obese children, but people in general.

Being able to feed your family use to be a full time job. Our grandparents would work the fields from morning to night just to feed us. The whole purpose of life was to work hard, feed the new generation and go to church on Sunday to thank God for our prosperity and continually pray for good weather. Does any of this sound familiar?

What as happened in the last 50 years is that we have completely changed our behaviors. Our lifestyles have changed the whole purpose of eating. We no longer eat for survival, we now eat for fun. Nothing is terribly wrong with this attitude as long as we take responsibility for what it is doing to us.

Many immigrants have come to our countries to give their children the same benefits that our children have. That is great for the whole world that we can share freedom as well as our prosperity. We must not forget why they came here. They often left their countries out of despair and fear. They fed their families the only way they knew how. Self-preservation was a daily chore and having big and strong kids was proof that they were successful.

We must all take equal responsibility for accepting things we can change and recongnize that somethings we cannot change. We need to educate all, that our behaviors have changed, and find a solution to make the next generation understand the importance of their health as well as their survival. Lets all look at what we eat from a new perspective and reward ourselves with good health and teach our kids to be proud of their health, not their size. Food for thought.