Why Should You Buy E-cigarettes: Top Reasons

E-cigarettes or ecigs as they are popularly called are now quite popular because they are an effective quit smoking product. A typical ecig device is made up of three or two parts, which includes an atomizer, a rechargeable battery and a cartridge unit. The device can be activated with the press of a button, which in turn heats up the nicotine cartridge inside the device that gives off vapor, thats inhaled. In automatic ecig versions, the device gets activated when you begin inhaling through it.

You may find other quit smoking products available in the market, but ecigs are more effective than all of them. Ecigs look like traditional cigarettes, give the same sense of satisfaction as they do, but they are better than them and they also cost lesser.

Buying e-cigarettes is a lot more advantageous than traditional cigarettes. They do not pollute the air around you because they do not include any carcinogen elements. Smoke arising from ecigs quickly dissolves in the air without any toxins. You can even use the ecigs in public places where smoking is banned because the vapor coming out of ecigs is not like normal cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes do not have any tar or toxins and neither do they put out any carbon monoxide and this factor reduces the problem of second-hand smoke. When you drag on the cigarette, you get the same sense of satisfaction as that of smoking a normal cigarette, but without bringing toxins into your system.

Those using e-cigarettes find that they cost lesser than traditional cigarettes and one single e-cig cartridge is worth a couple of normal cigarette packs. An average smoker would be spending something like $ 2000, but this spending can be avoided by buying ecigs. Using ecigs also prevents you from getting into problems such as stained teeth, fingers, breath, and stained hands. There is no need to get a lighter or an ashtray. Ecigs are convenient to use because you just have to press a button to get them activated. Automatic ecigs just need mere inhalation to get them started.

Most people starting out on ecigs, begin with a starter pack. However, if you find that to be expensive, you can try a disposable electronic cigarette. Disposable type electronic cigarettes come with an atomizer, a battery and a nicotine cartridge that can last for about 12 to 20 traditional cigarette packs. Once the nicotine cartridge is used up, the ecig must be disposed and the battery cannot be used again.