Why Social Marketing Techniques Don’t Work

Everyday new people try to use social marketing techniques in an attempt to increase both traffic and revenues to their businesses and websites. However, there are many people who fail miserably at it. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of those people any longer.

The main reason people think that using social networking and bookmarking sites is a waste of time, is because “they” are wasting “their” time.

Let me explain further. If my car breaks down I could try to fix it. I however am not a mechanic and it would likely take me 10 times longer (or more) to fix it then it would take to bring it to a quality mechanic. If I were to spend a week fixing my car, instead of spending my time doing the work that makes me money, then I would think the car is not worth the hassle.

Doing things that I am not proficient at means taking the time to learn what I am doing, struggling through the process, then getting frustrated and giving up in a flurry of grumbling, mumbling and will likely leave me completely upset about the entire process.

This is the same case for many people who start out with social marketing campaigns. They simply may not understand the best way to do it or they are trying to get it all done themselves in order to save a few bucks. But what most people do not realize is that by saving a few dollars, they are costing themselves a potential life changing income stream.

If you learn nothing else about social marketing, learn that this task, like any other can be delegated to others. If you are not the best social marketer in your company, then get someone who is and put them to work for you.