Why Social Media Isn’t Really About Promoting Your Music

The media reporting on the health care townhalls all across America raises some very interesting parallels to music marketing. If you watch the pushing and shoving that’s been going on at these things (especially on Fox News) you get the impression that there’s this huge anti-health care reform grass roots movement forming underneath our feet.

But there really isn’t. It ‘s like the anti-tax tea parties several months ago that sort of just faded into nothingness. It just seems that there is an uprising because the people attending these things are screaming. And we’re hearing their screaming on the evening news and online. You scream to make yourself seem bigger than you really are. You scream when you don’t have many ideas to debate with.

You see this same type of screaming in social media. On Twitter. On YouTube. Everywhere. I follow a good number of musicians and indie record labels on Twitter. One of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of people don’t understand social media. They think it’s about screaming. The problem with screaming is that other people are turned off by it. It’s the reason people hate banner ads, and incidentally, the reason banner ads don’t work. People see them and they think, “These guys are screaming at me so that I’ll buy their crap.”

There’s this one band in particular I’ve been following on Twitter. Usually what these guys will do is they’ll be silent for days, and then all of sudden, they’ll send out a burst of tweets in Tommy Gun fire succession. Then they’re gone.

The tweet burst, in and of itself shows, shows a low regard for real engagement. It’s like if I go to a business networking event and sit quietly in my corner. Then I jump out of my seat and start handing out my business cards to everyone and then leave.

The worst part about these guys is that all of their tweets are links to their site. It’s always the same old link to their boring site.

I’ve always assumed that by living around other human beings day in and day out, most people inherently understand that other people are primarily motivated by self interest. What would make someone think that a bunch of random strangers on the Internet would give a damn about a track they just produced?

Now, that doesn’t mean that they can’t become interested. It’s just that people like to feel as if they’ve discovered something rather than been sold. It’s why advertising and PR don’t work online. Especially not on social networking sites.

Unless you’re somebody like 50 Cent who has already built up an impressive fan base that is going to find you on Twitter, it doesn’t do much good to constantly push out promotions on social network sites. People are going to think of you as a desperate little hustler.

The real value of sites like Twitter to you is in the word of mouth potential they provide. If you’ve created something good, it can spread quickly through social media if other people choose to talk about it. But you don’t have much control over the word of mouth. You only have control over your product.

I went to see District 9 on Friday. Spectacular movie. Part of the reason I wanted to see it was because I’m a huge fan of movie director Peter Jackson and I had heard he produced the movie. But it was also because of the insanely positive word of mouth on Twitter. I don’t even rely on the reviews much anymore. I mean, I’ll read Peter Travers of Rolling Stone because he’s usually pretty accurate. But in general, I trust regular people to tell me what’s good more than I do many of the critics.

Twitter and YouTube are the new MTV. They break new acts now. You should tweet, but let other people talk about you more than you do yourself.

Meri Shapath | Full Movie | Souryam | Gopichand | Anushka Shetty | Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Synopsis: Vijay (Gopichand),Divya (Poonam Kaur) are siblings (brother and sister). Vijay being a child himself,could not take the responsibility of upbringing his sister. So he leaves her in an Orphanage of a Christian Missionary. A couple who comes from Kolkota,adopts her and takes her to Kolkota with them. In search of his sister,Vijay arrives at the home of a Police Commissioner Sharath (Sharath Babu),and ends up growing in the place into a Police Officer. A gangster SivaRam Goud murders the commissioner who was obstructing his misdeeds. Consequently,Vijay books SivaRam Goud under narcotics case and sends him to jail. After knowing that his sister Divya,for whom he had been on search for 15 years,is in Kolkota,he goes in a search to find her. Was Vijay successful in finding his sister? What did SivaRam Goud,who comes out of the jail,had done to Vijay? How all this comes to an end? is the rest of the plot.