Why Spend Money on Posting Ad for Your Old Car Or Motorcycle? Try Free Online Classifieds!

There was a time when we used to buy a scooter, bike or a car and use it for its lifetime. But now times have changed drastically, and an average user changes his car or bike every 2 to 3 years. Initially people used to use their network to buy or sell, but print classified ads changed all that and it became a better way to buy or sell. People used to place classified ads in the leading news paper in their cities and used to get a lot of enquiries or a possible sale through that. Since the information became available to a larger public the price realization was better. From the Buyer’s point of view, he had many options to choose from the different classified ads for different models of cars and bikes in the classifieds ads. Though this method was superior to the one where you just connected with friends in the network, there were many flaws.

Some of the issues with print classifieds were

• It’s costly, especially if you are not able to sell the item or still have to pay to a broker. Each ad costs a few thousand Rupees and there’s no guarantee for sale. That’s why it’s more professional sellers – car dealers who use this frequently. Individual users may use it once, but if it doesn’t deliver, they do not spend again.
• The space for a classified ad on print is too little to describe the car or bike well. For e.g. you can’t show photos or describe the condition of the car.
• It’s time consuming and limited in reach. You need to call an agent, or go to a booking office to place the ad and then make payment in advance. Only cities where the print dailies exist can benefit from print classifieds. In India many cities do not have their news paper and therefore no classified ads.
• It’s not easy to search an ad in a print classifieds. There are many small ads and a searcher has to really browse through all ads. There’s no way he can find your ad faster. Therefore many times, it is missed out by a lot of potential buyers

Online classifieds have been the improvement over the print classifieds and therefore buyers and sellers of cars & bikes are now relying on online classifieds like www.olx.in to post their ad for selling their second hand car or bike, or a ‘Want’ ad if they are looking for a particular model of car or bike. Selling on OLX is really simple. One can post an ad for Free through http://www.olx.in/posting.php?src=8&categ_p_id=362&categ_id=378

More and more people are now choosing to post their ads on Free Classifieds sites like OLX. You can choose the city you live in as OLX offers this service to all cities in India. Post a free ad and start getting offers!