Why Stamp Duty Up Rumors Repeatedly Appear? – Stamp Duty, Adjustment – Printing Industry

25, the market again came news that the Securities and Exchange Printing Tax will be replaced by bilateral collected in mid-April, ground is about to launch stock index futures. People feel Fortunately, the rumors and did not cause too much panic in the stock market investors, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed the day of ups and downs are extremely limited.

This rumor, insiders pointed out that the stock market is the unilateral imposition of stamp duty, while the futures market is no stamp duty. Stock and futures markets are actually two markets with different exchanges, is separate regulation, tax policy can not link the two. The introduction of stock index futures and the stamp duty policy adjustment is not necessarily related.

Ago The latest rumors in the stamp duty levied bilateral year on January 15 evening. At that time, the market rumors that the weekend will be announced resumption of bilateral levy stamp duty on securities trading policy, the implementation of next week four. The institutional investors will only be on the resumption of bilateral stamp collection. Will use the tax lever to increase institutional investors in large capital costs down position, to avoid the stock market twists and turns, to protect the interests of investors. Ministry of Finance is responsible for claims related to this have not heard this message, and said the policy will be formally notified if there is not such a transfer, transfer of not Kaopu.

This year, the stock market has repeatedly heard rumors of the stamp duty levied on bilateral, originated in early December last year? “Look” an article published in Newsweek. The paper suggests the use of fiscal policy and monetary policy to prevent the formation of the bubble economy, including the use of open market operations to raise deposit reserve ratio or capital adequacy ratio to prevent banks from excessive lending; removal of the second suite of preferential buyers credit policy to to prevent the real estate bubble; speed up or increase the stamp duty rate of new shares issued to curb stock price bubble. From now, the article has a lot of ideas have been adopted by the government or the departments concerned. The stock market is concerned, in fact speed up the IPO has been adopted by the securities regulatory authorities. Currently, only the increase in stamp duty has not only become a reality, but the Commission has never explicitly denied in the future will not increase in stamp duty.

Ministry of Finance of the SEC this year, an increase of 4.2% stamp duty on the target greatly increased investors worry about stamp duty levied bilateral. Ministry of Finance recently announced a “on the central and local budgets in 2009 with the implementation of the central and local budgets for 2010 draft report” suggested that stamp duty on securities transactions in 2010 is expected to complete the 51.6 billion yuan, an increase in the last year on the basis of 2.096 billion yuan, up growth of 4.2%. However, since the stock market this year, a drastic change compared to the previous year, most market analysts predict the stock market this year by the former becoming more cautious optimism. In addition, the stock market turnover this year than last year there have been shrinking dramatically. Therefore, Management To really complete the whole layer of 51.6 billion yuan in the stock trading stamp tax indicators, it seems only a way through increasing the stamp duty.

Stamp duty levied on rumors of bilateral frequent, and May 30, 2007 the stamp duty to investors after a substantial raise havoc closely related. Day morning, the Treasury announced that the stamp duty rate from 1 raised to 3 . Beginning the next day main stock index in 5 trading days from 4335’s high point, vertical landing to 3404 points, thousand of individual stocks staged a continuous limit-down of the tragedy. The sudden sharp rise of stamp duty, not only to large investors in a very short period of time to pay a heavy price, but in their hearts have never left an indelible shadow.

Raised stamp duty on stock market precisely because there is such a great negative impact, therefore, it was the stock market more and more of the various interest groups to use. Especially in the stock market downturn or a long period of stalemate situation, these interest groups will raise the stamp duty through the media spread rumors, to combat the stock market, and create conditions for their bargain-hunting. Of course, raised the stamp duty speculation, regulators in most cases it is also just a clarification only, and not seriously to trace those who spread rumors, which to some extent, fueled the rumors spread. SABUNG AYAM