Why you need face recognition and Digital signage systems


You can make use of sophisticated digital signage system to make your marketing and advertising message visually appealing to consumers. Eye catching content really helps to increase your business profitability. Adding face recognition software to digital signal system aids to detect whether the audience is a male or female, and sophisticated software will also capture the eye and mouth movements indicating the extent of interest or disinterest. If people are looking with rapt attention it is an indicator of interest and if they are looking away it is because the content is not compelling enough. Face recognition software with this sophistication will aid immensely in fine tuning content and approaches. Digital signage professionals help to set up a remote input station that is programmed to deliver real time messages, according to the age and gender of the audience and even the response factor. This in turn helps to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaign.


Digital signage system and face recognition software are more effective when working in tandem to target audience who are already interested in your product or service. They encourage the targets to turn into customers easily and quickly. They help to cut marketing costs. Further if there is an active observer he can be trained to spot targets who are very interested and most likely to buy and then make a personal approach to further solidify the sales prospect. Using printing services for advertising purposes results in a static image that loses its visual appeal after some time and is often simply ignored and then will require a lot of cost to change the content. Moreover, you need to advertise in men’s magazine and women’s magazine separately. Face recognition software installed in digital signage networks eliminate this cost completely, as digital content can be changed without incurring any extra cost. Dynamic content lends you support to target specific demographics and identify what your customers really want. Digital signage helps to increase your sales and customer satisfaction. The engaging appeal of marketing message provided by the system reduces the perceived wait times for consumers, making them feel positive about your business.


Face recognition software and digital signage system can also prove to be great sources of passive income which will help you recoup your investments in no time. You can sell advertising space on your digital media and make good profits. For instance a retailer can offer his digital signage space to companies whose products he sells and these companies will then display their own videos, paying an additional fee for such a facility. Studies reveal that digital signs get noticed ten times more than static signage marketing.  It has been proved that digital signage can increase the revenue of retail stores by 300%. High impact targeting can be achieved with the help of face recognition software, so you can save a lot in advertising costs. It creates a great return on investment.

Digital signage offers you a platform to communicate with your target audiences. Face recognition software increases the effectiveness of your communication. Replacing traditional signs with the state of the art digital signage can definitely increase your sales. Moving images coupled with sound can be very compelling and impressive. It can highlight many items or dynamic graphics/content to attract the attention of customers. It saves much of your time. You need to spend time to print or mail ads. You can send contents via the internet or play it from a media card using digital signage. You can use your PC to change the content within a few minutes. Video, graphics and price points can also be changed at anytime effortlessly.  Sophisticated shops seem to impress customers as being more reliable and worth buying from. Digital signage is certainly a sign of sophistication and of a shopkeeper who is following the trend or even leading it.

Digital signage solutions that come with face recognition software give you the ability to build loyalty and brand awareness among potential customers. They enrich the costumer’s experience and provide desirable outcomes. A study says that nearly 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. Digital signage encourages your target audiences to decide to buy from you and thereby increases your revenue.