Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs!

Hopefully this article will help you to truly begin to understand why it’s not just a “less healthy” food, but something so terrible, so disgusting, and so horrible that you are far better off eating nothing at all than to consume fast food. If most people truly knew what it is that they’re putting into their bodies when they go up to that drive through window and place their order, surely the vast majority would rarely if ever consume it again.

Certainly anyone who is interested in overcoming illness and disease and attaining higher levels of health and internal purity must vastly limit or completely eliminate their consumption of these so called foods.

So just what is in fast foods today and why is it really so bad for you? Come along as we cover some main reasons for such a strong stance against fast foods and just why they are to be avoided at all cost. Be warned that some of this information may be quite disturbing to some readers.

Fast Food Nation

In 2002, author Eric Schlosser, a correspondent for the Atlantic Herald, came out with a ground breaking book called “Fast Food Nation” which takes us through a sordid maze of deception, cover up, lies, fraud and both animal and human cruelty that has unfortunately become all too common in the meat packing industry today. This was even turned into a 2006 movie release of the same name.

If you only saw the movie, then you missed virtually all of the “meat and potatoes” of this story because the movie was but a pale shadow of the mind blowing information contained in the book.

The movie mostly focused on the plight of the immigrant laborers who work in the meat packing plants. These plants are the main suppliers of the meat, chicken and other foodstuffs sold in the fast food industry.

The book covers every aspect of the fast food industry. From the truly horrible and inhumane conditions of the animals themselves from birth till death, to the often slave like conditions of the plants where the mostly immigrant and poor workers toil in 12 hour shifts or longer each day and more.

Fast Food nation is a thoroughly well researched book that has won worldwide praise for its author Eric Shlosser. Eric was able to gain access to feed lots, slaughter houses and even the J.R. Simplot plant in Aberdeen, Idaho where millions upon millions of French fries are made on a daily basis. The majority of which are mostly destined for area McDonald`s restaurants.

The fast food industry came out in strong protest against his book saying that they don’t agree with his conclusions. At the same time when asked if there were any errors in the book the same industry said “no” that they could not find any errors in his facts or figures at all.

The Processing Line

Twenty years ago the standard number of cattle processed per hour in a typical meat packing plant was 175. The older meatpacking plants in Chicago slaughtered about 50 per hour. Today the workers at many plants are required to kill up to 400 cattle per hour. At the rate worker injuries are all too common as the workers stand close together in one spot for hours a day performing the same task over and over again. Mostly this involves swinging a large sharp knife over and over again to carve up the animal into smaller pieces for processing. Mistakes and injuries to other workers are common as they struggle to keep up with the fast pace of the line in constant fear of falling behind or being fired.

The pace of the line that these workers are forced to work at is a major cause of many serious injuries to workers and has even led to several deaths. How do these workers die exactly…well this is where the story gets downright grizzly. Many times these workers are near the meat grinders when some get limbs caught in them or simply fall into the larger machines completely. By the time the machine can be shut down, there is nothing of the worker left to recover.

That means that along with the meat from the cattle, there is at times, human meat mixed in with the animal meat itself. Fortunately it doesn’t occur all that often, but the author is surely not taking any chances on putting such meat into his body or that of his family and I strongly suggest that you don’t either. There are other things mixed into with the meat as well which we’ll cover shortly.

The speed of the cattle line not only producers a danger to the workers themselves, but it causes them to make a much higher percentage of mistakes in the cutting of the meat itself. What this means is that, because these workers are being forced to do the same motion up to 10,000 times per day, they can and do make mistakes and end up cutting the wrong part of the animals.

Instead of cutting the meat parts that are to be sold, they can end up hitting the bowels which often causes a “mixing” of the animals waste to be mixed in with the meat that is eventually sold to restraints and the public. This is a main source of various E-coli outbreaks that we hear about on the news from time to time. How many more people get sick from such “food” but never report it?

Animal Cruelty

With the terrible and inhumane way in which the animals themselves are treated which causes the meat to lose any of it’s health benefits, coupled with the contamination of the meat itself during processing, you now have a situation where this meat is not only providing very little nutrition or bio-energy, but it can be quite dangerous and deadly.

“Every day in the United States, roughly 200,000 people are sickened by a food borne disease, 900 are hospitalized and fourteen die. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), more than a quarter of the American population suffers a bout of food poisoning each year. Most of these cases are never reported to authorities or properly diagnosed” – Fast Food Nation, page 195

Not only are these animals often killed while they’re in poor health, as a recent investigative film by the human society showed that even animals that are too sick or weak to walk are being picked up by forklifts and led to the slaughter anyway. This is against current animal welfare policies but is rarely enforced due to a loophole in the laws.

Aside from the obvious reasons for animals to be sick and weak such as hormone injections and cramped feedlots which stresses animals out just as it does humans, there are other more stomach churning reasons for their ill health.

The animals are not only unhealthy due to how they’re treated in terms of actual abuse or crowded and stressed conditions, but what they’re being fed is absolutely disgusting a crime against nature itself. These cattle are ruminants, meaning that they’re designed to eat grass and perhaps some grain. They have four stomachs because they’re meant to eats things with high cellulose content.

So what is it that these animals are being fed that further contributes to their being in such ill health and overweight? Until 1997, about 75% of the cattle in the US were being fed livestock wastes, the rendered remains of dead sheep and cattle. They were also fed millions of dead pets from animal shelters. The FDA banned such practices after evidence from Great Britain suggested that this might be responsible for a widespread outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) also known as “mad cow disease”

However, current FDA regulations do allow dead pigs and horses to be turned into cattle feed, along with dead poultry too. They also allow the poultry to be fed to dead cattle. Other constituents of cattle feed include cattle blood, metal fragments and sawdust.

Is it any wonder then that these poor animals are sick and weak and some are unable to even walk to their own slaughter?

Many such animals go to the slaughter with their bodies wracked with tumors, viruses, infections and some reports indicate that a majority of them have cancer throughout their bodies. Meat packers are taught how to cut around the cancers and tumors to avoid infecting the meat itself. But this means that even the “uninfected” parts are so weakened of nutrients, oxygen, energy and life force that it is still unfit for human consumption.

Because of their low nutrient content, higher levels of diseased tissues, bacteria, weak and impure electromagnetic and life force energies along with little to no exercise and not being allowed to eat the grasses that they are designed to eat and other reasons constitute why these animals are unfit for human consumption and a horrible choice of food to be putting into your body.