Why You Should Use Chicken Coop Blueprints

Let me count the way you can go wrong with out a set of chicken coop blueprints. There are many pieces and parts that go into a home for your flock. So lets take a look at the basics and see if we can get you off to a good start. Here are the main considerations. Roost to sleep on, nest to lay their eggs, food, water, and light.

Decide how many chickens you want to keep, because the size of your coop will depend on this. Allow 4 square feet of living space for each bird. You do not have to build an elaborate structure. A simple A-frame triangular chicken house is easy to build and will serve the purpose perfectly. You can build a functional chicken coop based on simple plans that you can find on the internet. Make sure the plans provide a step by step process that is easy to follow.

Nest for egg laying should be off the floor but must not be as high or higher than the roost. If it is they will sleep in the nest and that will make for a mess to clean off the eggs they lay. You can build the nest out of any thing that forms a kinda of enclosed box. It should be just be big enough for only one hen.

Just make sure you have the basic necessities for a chicken house. Provide a nesting area with boxes and a roosting perch where the birds can sleep. It should be easy for you to collect the eggs and keep the coop clean. A good chicken house design should also provide adequate ventilation and light for the birds.

Watering your chickens again is much like the automatic feeder. You wand it easy to fill and hold enough to get through one 24 hour period. It is a good idea to also get it off the floor or your are going to have lots of chicken poop all over it.

Chickens need light and normal daylight that nature provides is just right. So my suggestions is to have at least two windows to not only provide light but good ventilation in the summer. The main consideration are that your chickens have a good roost a place to lay there eggs. Food and water and light. If you provide these main ingredients you will have a happy flock
Sabung Ayam
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