Why Your eBay Feedback Can Make Or Break Your Business

Your eBay feedback is the heartbeat of your business. If you fall below a certain feedback percentage, eBay WILL shut you down. Beware of this when handling all unsatisfied customers. Until you get into a safe feedback number, preferably over 500 feedback, you should treat your eBay business like every other retail establishment trains their employees, that the customer is always right.

You can look at feedback from several different views. If you’ve ever bought something on eBay, chances are you’ll pass up someone with poor feedback to buy from someone who has a more positive rating. A low feedback percentage will quickly make you think of the possibility that you might get ripped off, especially if the seller has a small feedback number. On the other hand, most people don’t think twice before purchasing from a PowerSeller because they know that these people have turned eBay into their business and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they keep that PowerSeller status. In case you’re not aware, PowerSeller status is also be affected by feedback rating.

Essentially, you’ll want to try to keep your feedback rating at 100%. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. There will likely be sellers that leave you negative feedback without warning. Most of the time these are newer sellers who don’t really understand the way that eBay works. Sometimes emailing them to resolve the issue works, sometimes it doesn’t. Typically, eBay buyers will email you with any problems that they have and give you a chance to resolve the issue before they decide to leave negative feedback. It’s in your best interest to resolve the issue as quickly as possible by either offering a refund or replacement. You might take a loss from that one transaction, but imagine all of the losses it would cost you if that customer left you negative feedback.

If you’re not into customer service, then eBay probably isn’t the right business for you. Feedback is key to eBay business survival, and you can only keep your feedback high by offering outstanding customer service. What a customer has to say about how you handle business with them can make or break your business. Remember that next time you open an email from an unsatisfied customer.