Will SP win bring Goondaraj to UP again?

The  crisis in Syria  is blazing up like a fire, affecting every levels of the country in a significant manner. The crisis started way back in March 2011, when protests were made for the release of political prisoners in the country. The protest was immediately attacked by Syrian security forces, first detaining and attacking protestors with batons, and following with open gunfire, deploying naval ship and tanks against the civilians. Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad allegedly refused to take over the violence, and implementing reforms demanded by the protestors like broader political representation, lifting of emergency law, and freer media rights. He denied any responsibility for continuous attacks on the protestors, addressing the blame directly on armed groups and foreign conspirators.


The situation became drastic when the Syrian President declared a single party rule in the country from 26th February 2012 onwards. According to the experts, such an action was considered unnecessary to stop the violence, and it was expected that promise for drastic political reform will be upheld by the President. The conflict continued to grow, with protestors beginning to organize together against the Syrian Government. The government’s violent reaction against the protestors since March 2011 has lead to the death of more than 5400 people, including at least 300 children, according to the reports of UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. More than thousand people are wounded, arrested arbitrarily, tortured, detained, and disappeared claiming to be protestors. Their families, both within and outside the country, were also badly targeted.


There were consistent reports against Syrian armed forces using artillery fire against unarmed civilians, shooting of medical personnel trying to aid the wounded, door-to-door arrest campaigns, raids against hospitals, mosques and clinics, and alleged destruction of medical supplies. More than ten thousand refuges were forced to flee to other countries, giving rise to the worst crisis in Syria ever. Access was also denied to all humanitarian and monitoring groups. A simple protest took the form of massive ceasefire, violence, and torture all over the country, leading to a warfare crisis situation.


Several international communities became significantly alarmed with escalating violence in Syria, and demonstrated continual protests against the Syrian Government’s use of power on unarmed civilians. It is expected that with international protests from all bodies and leading governments, the situation of crisis in Syria to come to a stop. However, it all depends on Syrian Presidents’ true efforts to halt the violence in the country.