Will the Real eCommerce Sellers Please Stand Up?

As a legitimate seller I would love to run campaigns with the following headlines, if I could get away with it.

“My products do not suck, you will be glad you paid for them”
“I am not ripping you off, I am just not that clever’
“Yes we are legitimate, and no we don’t sell crap”
“I am not a scammer, I am not a BS artist, and I am not some mindless criminal that cannot figure out how to contribute to society. I sell this Product (insert product name here) if you are looking for this product, here it is. I would rather sell it to you and build a good relationship with you so that I can in turn, sell you more stuff in the future. This is good for me and good for you.

Can you imagine these as Google pay per click ads?

Imagine how your world would be if the words “cheap”, “easy”, “free” and “instant” did not exist. Ads or services that promote this type of banter hurt most legitimate sellers in the market place. Most people (consumers) seem to be suckered into things that are easy or cheap.

I say this because most people are lazy, (yeah I said it) they do not want to take the time to do something right and somehow are predisposed into thinking that some seller really has their best interests in mind. Sellers that put packages together or sell concepts based on the word “easy” are right up there with spammers in my opinion. Most do not want to legitimately give their consumers good value or content for the money. Instead they opt for the quick and easy buck and move onto something else.

This type of sales tactic really hurts everyone in the long run.

A Persona is Created

Because most people have been ripped off at one time or another, they become wary of what you are buying either online or in a regular storefront. I find that I tend to ask the question of ‘what’s the real deal” to myself on a regular basis. Today’s sales tactics are getting more and cleverer as people tighten up their wallets. So when a person gets ripped off once, they automatically assume that you are trying to rip them off again as a seller. This makes the job of selling more and more difficult.

So how do we fix it?The only real way to fix it is by encouraging one potential seller at a time. If you are a potential seller, do your homework and offer good value to customers. Build good relationships with them, offer them deals, become an authority on your subject matter. That is what people want.

They want service and someone who cares. If you are a potential seller but don’t like to work hard, get a job. Yeah, I said it; we don’t need more mediocrity thank you very much. Its hard enough trying to get good content out their and indexed so real people can buy them. If you want the quick buck, do something else. The other way to fix it would be having some sort of official enforcement, but we all know that is not going to happen any time soon.