Win My Ex Boyfriend Back – It’s Really About What You Don’t Do

“I want to win my ex boyfriend back.” Maybe you were the one that decided the two of you should break up, and you’re thinking now that it was a bad idea. Maybe you just flew off the handle over something insignificant and in the heat of the moment you did something you regret now. There’s good news for you if this is the case. You have a very good chance of getting him back if you do everything right.

Win my ex boyfriend back – let me start with what you should not be doing under any circumstances. You need to avoid bothering him constantly. Now is the time to play it cool and give him a good amount of space. By playing it cool, I don’t mean calling him and saying, “Hey, you’re in luck, I’m willing to take you back.” It was your fault and your mistake that you overreacted. If you acted without taking a good look at the consequences, then own up to your mistake.

If you’re still on speaking terms then give him a quick call to apologize. Keep it a short call and then get off the phone if you sense he doesn’t want to talk. It’s best right now that if he’s upset and doesn’t want to talk that you give him his breathing room.

Look, he’s a guy. What you need to understand is that he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings while he’s emotionally charged (if ever), so pressing the subject of how he feels about you, is going to push him farther away. So admit your mistake and don’t initiate contact with him for at least a week. It is OK to talk if he gets a hold of you, but try to keep it casual.

If you’re not on speaking terms then write him a quick note – handwritten is best – and just tell him you’re sorry and you understand why is upset. And then, you guessed it, leave him alone for a bit. During this interval he’ll have time to think about things rationally and let the emotional charge wear off, and he’ll probably wonder why you’re not bugging him. Did you find someone else? You can probably see how this makes you seem more desirable to him and less desperate.

At this point you can start taking subtle steps to getting him back. So remember, when you say “I want to win my ex boyfriend back” you need to admit your mistake and give him his space.