Without A Community You Are A Dead Duck

Excuse the term “dead duck” but it’s a very descriptive way of describing the end state of internet marketers who think they can survive and prosper on their own.

A sense of community is crucial to being able to grow a successful internet business. Going it alone is not really a viable option as the remainder of this article will point out.

Human beings are essentially social beings and communities exist for a myriad of reasons. We have families, sporting groups, hobby groups, work groups all of which offer support in varying measures to their members. A “loner” in the general world community experiences many difficulties. In the area of internet marketing this basic truth also applies. If you sit in front of your computer, sorting out e-mails, writing articles, uploading and downloading files, publishing an e-book, writing a special report, grappling with graphics. writing auto-responder messages, writing blog content – these essential types of activities, if you are an internet marketer, will eventually wear you down if you try it without the right kind of support.

I have certainly experienced that sense of frustration, even loneliness, when I first started out as an internet marketer. In contrast, when I realized what was happening to me I joined a community and immediately experienced the sense of not being alone. Instead, I had support at my finger tips, a whole host of resources I could use and I felt surrounded by positive vibes. At the moment I am part of a small group that is writing an e-book as a collaborative effort. This is truly an exciting and rewarding experience. On my own I would have struggled, but now I am confident of success. This is just a small example of the benefits of joining an internet community.

Joining such a community is an important decision. You will pay to belong to most worthwhile communities so you need to think carefully about the benefits you are going to get. The key benefits to look for are:

Does the community give you access to products that you can market?

Does the community pay you a generous commission on the sale of those products?

Does the community give you access to marketing materials, sales pages and payment processing systems?

Will the community give you all the resources to help you establish your website and have it working well for you?

Does the community provide you with the resources that will assist you to follow up on all the leads you get?

Does your association with the community give you credibility?

Will the community provide you with the tools and resources, not just to make a few sales here and there, but to grow your online business?

Will the community provide you with support from fellow members?

These are crucial questions for you to answer. The need for a community is not just part of your humanity, it is essential to find one that is going to help you succeed as an online marketer. You definitely don’t want to end up as a dead duck.


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