Women Want Manly Men Like Tony Soprano

She’s hot. He’s not.

We all see these infamous duos and wonder what the guy has going for him. One word: confidence. You can be a pizza face or overweight slob but if you rock it like you own it, you can pull women.

I’m not joking.

There are so many guys out there that might look attractive, but act wimpy. It’s all in your attitude, my friend.

Look at Tony Soprano. He’s packing a few pounds, but he always has women. It’s his attitude. They love him because he’s the man. He’s not a wimp. He’s not perfect, either. He’s got his own issues, but he owns his manliness. He knows he’s not your average guy and that makes him extremely attractive.

Look at comedians. Some aren’t the most attractive men on the planet and yet, they make women laugh. They have more women than they know what to do with. Why? Again, it’s their attitude. It’s their self-confidence.

Charisma, if you want. It’s that indefinable something that attracts other people to us. It is attitude and it is confidence.

And here’s a little secret. If you’re not feeling it, pretend you are. I want you for one night to walk out there into some bar or club and pretend that you are the biggest chick magnet who ever graced the doorway of that place. You’ve got to really believe it. Even if it’s only for a few minutes before that little voice in your head says, “Come on. Who you fooling?” Do it. And see what happens.

It’s the way you carry yourself, my friend. It’s how you hold yourself. It’s how you think of yourself. It’s you concentrating on all your good qualities and ignoring thoughts and that tiny voice in your head that wants to point out all your negative qualities. Tell that guy to shut the hell up for a change.

Instead, nurture that voice inside that says, yeah, you’re worth it. You deserve happiness. You deserve that beautiful woman who just walked in the door. You have lots of good qualities she can appreciate.

It’s all about self-talk. Having confidence and attitude stems from how we talk to ourselves. Don’t allow any negative self-talk. Learn about positive self-affirmations. Learn about how to let go of that little voice of doubt. Do this on your own. Do this with self-help books. Do this through therapy. Do this however you need to, just do it.

When you can walk into a room with attitude and confidence, you have won. You have achieved what nearly every other guy out there wants.

And guess what, the best part of all of it is the more you practice, the better you get. The more you practice being confident, the closer you are to making it a natural part of your life.

Before you know it, you won’t even have to think twice about walking into a room with confidence and attitude. It will just be who you are. And that’s the best part of all.
Sabung Ayam
Jason Eady

Jason Eadys inspired new album Daylight & Dark embraces multiple styles of die-hard country music to weave together 11 songs about the deep, messy details of love and life. The disc is sequenced to follow the arc of one mans journey through the complexities of the heart. But the semi-autobiographical Daylight & Dark is not a concept album. Instead, its a powerful study in honesty; a collection of real stories populated by real characters that coalesced around Eadys title track.The moment I came up with the first verse and chorus of Daylight & Dark was a breakthrough, Eady relates. I understood that what I wanted to convey in the album is that life is not simple. Most songs dont do that. Theyre either happy or sad. But life doesnt work that way. Most of the time we live somewhere in between. And that place is between the daylight and the dark.It took roughly three months for Eady to write and begin recording these songs that he describes as going beyond the surface and digging into the little cracks in our lives, our dreams and our desires the things that keep us from connecting, that we all have to deal with, all the time.Eadys sixth release is the follow-up to 2012s AM Country Heaven, an artistic and commercial breakthrough that cracked the Top 40 on Billboards Country Albums chart, boasting an old-school honky-tonk sound and a complete lack of artifice.One of the things that Kevin Welch who produced both discs taught me is that believability is number one, Eady declares. The things Im writing about have to seem true and the words being said need to sound like theyd really come out of my mouth.Daylight & Darks high-powered barroom ballads 'OK Whiskey' and 'We Might Just Miss Each Other' offer a direct connection to the honky-tonk spirit of AM Country Heaven. But tunes like 'Other Side of Abilene' have gentler, textured arrangements, crafted by carefully layered fiddle and electric, acoustic and pedal steel guitars that are more reflective of the albums overall sound. Also, 'Late Night Diner' and the title cut echo the narrative style of great singers like Vern Gosdin and Don Williams, whose recordings, like Eadys, blend a novelists eye for detail with the welcoming voice of a natural storyteller.Their approach and the roadhouse style of artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens are both part of my DNA, Eady relates. I hope that really comes across on Daylight & Dark and makes it a deeper country music album overall.The new disc is Eadys third collaboration with Welch. Their first was 2009s When the Moneys All Gone. Kevin is more on the same page with me than anybody else, Eady says of his songwriting, performing and Americana Music Association award-winning Texas compatriot. He is fantastic at getting the songs into the best shape before we record them and choosing the right band for the studio, so that by the time we start recording 90-percent of the important work is done.When Eady and Welch were making AM Country Heaven, it was initially intended as a side project that wouldnt be released under Eadys name. But the sterling results dictated otherwise, and made the album a game-changer. The discs swaggering palette and adult approach to timeless topics like love, loss and yearning helped Eady find a new, larger audience whose members now welcome him wherever he travels.Daylight & Dark was cut just outside of Nashville at engineer George Bradfutes Tone Chaparral studio with a superb team of players. They included Americana award winning multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin on pedal steel and fiddle, guitarist Richard Bennett (whos worked with a diverse array of artists from Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris to Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond), drummer John Gardner (Jim Lauderdale, Don Williams, Dixie Chicks) and bassist Steve Mackey (Dolly Parton, Delbert McClinton).Although country music was Eadys first love, he was exposed to the musical stew of the lower Delta blues, soul, R&B and primal swamp rock while growing up in Jackson, Mississippi. Eady was performing in local bars by the time he was 14, singing and playing guitar. He began writing his own songs, but the live music culture in the Magnolia State was geared to hits and classics rather than original music.Eady moved to Nashville to seek a record deal, but he became disillusioned and headed back to Mississippi, joining the Air Force on the way home. Becoming a translator in the Air Force helped me be a better songwriter, Eady says. I got a much broader view of the world and of other cultures, which helped me see things from a better perspective. After the military Eady got a job in a Fort Worth banks IT department, and he began attending open mic nights to blow off steam. Soon he developed a following.I was surprised to learn that Texas was exactly the opposite of Mississippi, he says. If you played too many cover songs the audience would get restless. They wanted original music. That encouraged Eady to step up his songwriting and step away from his day job, never to return.Eady says his first two albums, 2005s From Underneath the Old and 2007s Wild Eyed Serenade, were about trying to zero in on what I wanted to do. They had singer-songwriter, country, southern rock and other kinds of songs. I had no idea about production or how to work in the studio. I was all over the map. Things really clicked when I started working with Kevin. He helped me focus on the music I heard growing up in Mississippi, but as a way of discovering more about who I was as an artist.With AM County Heaven and now Daylight & Dark, Ive learned to stop second guessing, Eady declares. Now I understand that Im a country artist. Thats the music I love, and thats what I always want to be.