Womens Costumes

Womens costumes have come a long way from the days when everybody went to a fancy dress party as a character from a fairytale. Dressing up as Goldilocks or Little Bo Peep gets a bit old by the time you have reached your 30s. Nowadays, you can dress up as practically any think you fancy.

Your Choice of Womens Costumes

If you are stuck for ideas simply pick an era. There are plenty of great costumes from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s. For example, if you choose the 50s you can go as a rock ‘n’ roll chick or as a character from the movie Grease. Alternatively, if you prefer you could simply dress up as your favourite film star or rock star. If you do not have a favourite simply, choose an icon such as Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to have even more fun why not dress up as a superhero such as Catwoman or Wonder Woman. Alternatively, you could simply stick to the old favourites and choose to go as a nun, burlesque dancer, flapper or if you really must a character from a fairytale. What you go as is only really limited by the bounds of your own imagination.

Where to Find Great Womens Costumes

If you are lucky enough to have a good fancy dress shop near you there is nothing better than going in and trying on a few outfits. However, if you do not have this option it does not mean that you have to make your own costume. This is because nowadays you can buy some fantastic fancy dress and theatrical costumes online.

However, some sites offer better quality costumes than others. Therefore, it is important to spend a little bit of time shopping around. The best sites have good quality photographs of all of the womens costumes that they stock. They make it easy for you to find what you are looking for by providing good search facilities. The best sites allow you to search by category and to break the search results down further by something like price, size or colour.
Sabung Ayam
Spain – Chick Corea – Soloing Over the Changes

Recently, a subscriber requested that I post a video of me soloing over the chord changes to this classic by the great master Chick Corea and although
I’ve heard this song a lot, I’ve never played it, so I figured it was about time. 🙂 In preparation for the video, I just started playing the song by ear (from memory) and didn’t realize until I was all done recording the video that I’d done the song 1/2 step off from the original key.

For this video, I have played only a very short part of the melody before diving right into the solo section. It is a very logical and straight-forward chord progression and soloing over the changes is fun. For my color palette I
primarily mix chord tones with 1/2 diminished scales and pentatonics,
peppered with a few “Chickisms”. I’ve taken this at a pretty decent 250 BPM
pace, which feels about right for this song.

Tech Notes:
On-screen Midi keyboard display courtesy of www.MIDIculous.com
Fender Rhodes Keyboard sound via Lounge Lizard VSTi.

Thanks for listening!

– Roger

Sabung Ayam