Women’s Safety Secrets – Common Sense and Gut Feelings – Your Knights in Shining Armor

Women (and everyone else for that matter) need effective ways of avoiding verbal, mental, emotional and physical attack and we know that either gender can be the culprit so blaming men alone is not only ineffective but shallow in thought.

What if we had a couple sure-fire ways to keep ourselves safe? What if these same safety strategies worked for other aspects of our lives as well, such as communication and relationships? And what if we didn’t have to go to classes, pay for coaching or read a book to be safer from all attacks? What if we were born with the software for safety already installed? And what if all we had to do was put it on our desktop to be readily available and obvious so we remember to use it?

The fact is, we were born with the very things we seek, worry about, pay to learn and stress over during almost every aspect of our lives…not just safety issues. They are the most underrated, overlooked and under used resources we have and we could fuel the world with the unused portions from each one of us!

Here is your built-in, one-two punch:

1. Common Sense – Sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

2. Gut Feelings – Apparent ability to acquire knowledge without a clear inference or the use of reason.

When my friends or students get into dangerous situations or uncomfortable relationships with romantic partners, family, friends, strangers or coworkers, I ask them a couple questions:

What inspired or motivated you to be in the situation in the first place?
How did you feel when the situation began?

The answers they give take them right to common sense and gut feelings every time! The good news is, we can ask ourselves these questions (or similar ones) before we get into situations or during situations; plenty of time to exit gracefully and quickly.

So many women put themselves in situations where they ultimately get attacked either verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically and then feel like victims.

Let me be clear:

If you put yourself in a dangerous situation without checking in with your common sense or gut feelings, you have just attacked your own self-esteem; you’re just waiting for someone else to do the damage.

Women, allow your born-in common sense and gut feelings to be your knight in shining armor, for safety’s sake.