Wonderful beaches of Indonesia

Indonesia shares the same borders with East Timor, Papua new Guinea and Malaysia. Some of its other neighbouring nations include Australia, Singapore, Palau, Philippines and the Indian territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Did you know that the finest beaches in the globe are found in Indonesia? Have you read Indonesia news of late? Indonesia is the country all over the globe that has the greatest number of beaches. The Bali Island is known for having the biggest number of beaches, and Balangan beach is one of the most beautiful of them all. You can be able to visit this beach via Denpasar, and this beach is the finest option if you are searching for a beach that is in the urban places near hotels. Additionally, the beach is a good place for those who love sea sports. On the eastern side of Indonesia, you will find the Togean Islands, which are a group of 36 islands in total, and among them, Kadidiri is the most popular.

Kadidiri Island is a volcanic landscape that is covered by coral reefs, rainforest as well as scattered villages which are small in size. This island is served by a ferry, which you can board at ports such as Ampana or Gorontalo. In the beaches found at Kadidiri Island, you will find that the frequent tourists are those who love diving and watching underwater life. It is only in indonesia tourism that you can be in a position to discover all these beaches. Near Sumatra, you will find the Mentawai islands, which represent another volcanic archipelago. Those tourists who love surfing and body boarding are quite welcome to visit the beaches on Mentawai islands. This is due to the fact that the waves quality and weather conditions are quite favourable. The only issue with these islands is the infrastructure which is rustic, although it is adequate.

Bali Indonesia is one of the islands that boast of beautiful beaches all over Indonesia. The Bingin beach on Bali Island is an ideal place for surfing, and those who love beach relaxing and sunbathing will fall in love with the beach. Bingin is one of the most popular Bali Island beaches since its water color is amazingly clear and the sand is quite beautiful. Raja Ampat is a beach that is a paradise above and below the water. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting this amazing paradise, you need to plan for it for your next vacation. The beach is located northwest of the New Guinea Island and is part of the province of West Papua. Raja Ampat has 4 main islands and 1500 small islands and sandbanks, and this is why you need to explore the amazing paradise.
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