Wonderful Wii Sports, Awesome Arcade Stick

What bombshell news! Exar make great Wiiarcade sticks, and are bringing two new ones to the Wii. You may will be interested. Both are basically the same thing – a classic six-button arcade layout – but come in two flavours. One is a standard, blank stick, which breaks up the requisite Wii-white with a lovely shade of blue. The other is the same stick, just with some classyTatsunoko vs. Capcom branding all over it. I can say for certain that those crazy about the wonderful Wii will be on the top of the world shortly after hearing the good news of the brand new and spectacular Wii arcade stick.

You know, the color scheme and artwork is suited for both the Wii and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and the decision to make the artwork matte instead of the glossy surface of past sticks was a good one; it’s a very classy look. The Wii arcade stick is light in your hands, which can be a turn-off for some, but it’s easily fixed. We’ll get to that later.

The Wii arcade stick is technically wired, but all that means is that a cable runs out the back of the stick and has to be attached to a Wiimote. You still don’t have to be connected to the console, which is a nice touch, but you do have to deal with the dongle-like approach to the wireless technology. Each button can be customized with varying levels of turbo, and in a very nice touch there is a toggle that allows the Wii arcade stick to control the d-pad of the classic controller, the right analog stick, or the left analog stick. That means that with the flip of a switch you can use the stick to control Wii games, Virtual Console games, or WiiWare titles.

This Wii arcade stick doesn’t use Wii Hockey stick parts and other Nintendo Wii accessories, but that’s not a deal breaker. We decided to crack the stick open and take a look at the insides. Fans of modding their sticks are going to be very happy with what we found.

There you go. The buttons and stick use solderless connections, so it’s a simple matter to buy your own buttons (or even joystick) to swap out. Additionally if the lack of weight bothers you, it’s a simple thing to grab some electrical tape and rolls of pennies or weights to give it more heft. Like the lawyer in Jurassic Park pointed out, if it’s heavy, it’s probably expensive. Value added!

Well, opportunity knocks but once, if you set great store by entertainment and excitement and do take an interest in the wining Wii games, why not take action right now and jump on the bandwagon for the fabulous and refreshing Wii arcade stick?

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