Wong Lo Kat Jumps Honeysuckle Floating Surplus Stockpile Up To 20 Billion – Honeysuckle –

Recently, Ms. Chen in Hangzhou, a pharmacy to buy some honeysuckle intended as preparation medication, but these “Honeysuckle” is not the same as with previous large. “Black, the hard stems, clean smell and no smell.” Ms Chan medicine or clothes for a few days later, found that “honeysuckle” the effect of heat did not play a role in detoxification, mouth, oral ulcers still attack.

50 yuan / kg sold in Lonicera confusa 300 yuan / kg
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First quarter economic data released this week, one after another over the Polish economy is facing a test of political figures were killed Zhu Min: Economy will be difficult for the first half of the second half of East Star Airlines, a good first trial, was sentenced to four years, Jackson, founder of luxury house price is less than five rings Beijing “China 50 most beautiful people “list published (Photos) Chinese Commercial News reporters Zou Fangliao and Zhe Jiangzhen yuan (000,705, stock it), on the ginseng, Wudaitongtang, Yi true ginseng and several pharmacies and found various drug stores Sell The honeysuckle is not only the appearance, shape, quite different, and the prices are quite different, from 300 yuan / kg to 1,000 yuan / kg, ranging up to more than three times the difference.

“Is only a difference of quality.” A pharmacy staff to explain the huge difference between a variety of honeysuckle.

Wudaitongtang pharmacy staff, last year A flow Pm, honeysuckle prices have been on the rise continuously because Yunnan has now drought also affected the output of honeysuckle, and now only the price of their cheaper than other pharmacies. Wudaitongtang a can of 60 grams of “Honeysuckle” sells for 18 yuan, equivalent to 300 yuan / kg, and in the last jar of 50 grams of honeysuckle ginseng sells for 54 yuan, equivalent to 1080 / kg.

Order to verify the authenticity, Chinese Commercial News reporters Fen Biezai and Zhe Jiangzhen yuan, Wudaitongtang, Yi true ginseng and other pharmacy to buy some honeysuckle.

However, even 300 yuan / kg, the price is not necessarily buy honeysuckle, Chinese medicine hospitals in Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese medicine Director Feng Sujuan identification, the Zhejiang Zhen Yuan and Yi true ginseng sales honeysuckle is produced in Shandong Province of the Franciscan sisters played, and Wudaitongtang and another pharmacy sales of “Honeysuckle” is difficult to identify, ” is not a honeysuckle, feel and smell are not right, like other plants bud. “

“Totally fake, or first time to see.” Contacts with Chinese Feng Sujuan for more than a decade there were false honeysuckle were unable to accept, usually only heard that some businesses in some of the leaves doped in honeysuckle and other non-medicinal part to increase the weight.

The situation in Zhejiang Province Drugs Laboratory medicine, Deputy Chief Pharmacist Guozeng Xi Department has been further confirmed, Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Wudai and Tong Tangdeng pharmacies bought “Honeysuckle” Lonicera confusa DC is indeed a kind of learning called red gland honeysuckle, its price, but 50 yuan / kg. However, this can actually Lonicerae of “honeysuckle”, anti-counterfeit packaging are identified, call tips, “the product in Hong Kong Wudaitongtang International Health Products Limited genuine, please be assured use. “

Qing resurgence of false operation “Lonicera confusa in the medicinal ingredients luteolin much less than the honeysuckle.” Guozeng Xi said that early in the 2005 version of “China Pharmacopoeia “Explicitly in the honeysuckle and the inclusion of two subjects, respectively Lonicera confusa, provides for the Caprifoliaceae honeysuckle, honeysuckle flower buds, or the beginning of the dry open Lonicera flowers.

Symbol of honeysuckle in the components of chlorogenic acid and luteolin, and luteolin how much content is different and the same family Lonicera Lonicera confusa, Caulis Lonicerae the main chemical indicators, also Lonicera confusa Lonicera with the same family of plants such as the difference in the efficacy of the main reasons.

Countries have banned the “Mountain Silver Flower” as a pharmaceutical composition injection, and in the process of manufacture and sale of proprietary Chinese medicines, nor can honeysuckle Lonicera confusa confused with the use of packaging should be made clearly marked. SABUNG AYAM