Work At Home On The Internet Effortlessly With Proven Copy And Paste Solo Ads

Are you one of those lazy people who want to make money on the Internet, but don’t really feel like doing the work? Have you tried doing article marketing and get burned out by the grueling task of writing hundreds of articles just to make a couple of dollars? Maybe you have tried doing Google Adwords and have emptied your bank account with lots of clicks and little sales. The easiest way to work at home on the Internet and make money quickly is to copy someone who has already done it and has a proven advertising method that works. You can simply copy someone else successful ad and run it in the same ad sources that they have and soon enough you will have an endless stream of income month after month.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are advertisements that are sent out to e-zine subscribers on the Internet. People who subscribe to these e-zines have signed up because they were interested in the content the e-zine had to offer and also have elected to receive advertisements from the publisher. These solo ads usually come in the form of a single e-mail dedicated just to your ad and can run anywhere from $ 10-100 to reach a subscriber base of thousands of people.

Why Do They Work So Well?

The great thing about solo ads is that the ads are going out to targeted individuals who are already interested in what you have to offer. This makes your return on investment always high because most of the time you will make many more times the amount that you spent on sending out the ad. In order for it to work well though and maximize your income, you have to set up an ad tracker that tracks your sales and where they are coming from. This way you can drop ads that don’t perform and run the ones that are making you money again and again.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to a bunch of e-zines and check out what other people are advertising. If you see something all the time, the odds are it is successful because the advertiser does not want to be wasting money on ad copy that does not convert.

You can simply check out the ad and see what affiliate program or product they are promoting and sign up to become an affiliate and start copying there strategy. Now all you have to do is copy exactly what they are doing or rewrite it and make it even better. The key is to always test your ads and see which headlines and copy perform the best.

Another option which is even less work is to have someone set the whole entire system up for you. There are numerous turnkey programs available online that are already set up to start making money in a matter of days with proven and tested ad copy for affiliates. Many affiliate programs also offer ads for there associates to use in there campaigns.

Taking It To The Next Level

If you are feeling up to it there are some other ways you can expand on this idea to make even more money. You can start by building your own mailing list and sending subscribers to a direct sales page and have the whole system set on autopilot making you money on the Internet and building a mailing list twenty-four hours a day.


With all of the methods of making money online, e-zine solo ads are truly the quickest and easiest way to get a return on your investment. Although free methods like article and forum marketing work also, they take a long time. If you are willing to spend a little money and track some results, you can simply copy and paste solo ads and work at home on the Internet putting in only a couple of hours a week.
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Draco Rosa

Draco Cornelius Rosa, also known as Robi Draco Rosa, Draco Rosa or simply Draco, is a multiple-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winning American-born Puerto Rican musician, singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, record producer and entrepreneur.Rosa originally garnered fame as a member of boy band Menudo in the 1980s. After leaving the band he moved to Brazil where he released two albums, achieving mainstream success. Afterwards he moved to California and formed the band Maggie's Dream, which split after only one album, allowing him to resume his solo career. The singer and composer has released several studio and experimental albums, and has composed/produced multiple songs for major artists.In 1996 he released the critically acclaimed Latin alternative rock album Vagabundo produced by Phil Manzanera, just before helping launch Ricky Martin's musical career into a new global setting with the album "Vuelve". Rosa wrote and produced various of Martin's hit singles including "Maria", "Living la Vida Loca", "La Copa de la Vida", "She Bangs",among many others.In April 2011, Rosa was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. This kept Rosa in a hiatus for a few years until his return in March 2012, when he started recording his award winning album "Vida" along side artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Rubn Blades, Enrique Bunbury among others. In December 2012, he was declared cancer-free. After a very successful "Vida" tour in 2013, on December 9, 2013, his cancer had relapsed and was later overcome, becoming cancer free once again after a second (alogenic) bone marrow transplant.Taking some time off to ground himself in his native Puerto Rico, Draco took advantage of this new awakening to write "El Secreto de La Vida A Base de Plantas" , with friend and renown nutritionist Nina Niessen. The book became an Top Seller in 2015, and a must read in Alternative Medicine literature. Also, Phantom Vox, his legendary recording studio, was relocated from Los Angeles to his 100 acre estate in Puerto Rico, 'Hacienda Horizonte', where his coffee brand "Caf Horizonte" became a premium export brand, acknowledged among national and international coffee growers.In recent months Draco created a new local coffee brand in Puerto Rico called "Draco Rosa 100% Cafe de Puerto Rico" which directly impacts the local economy by increasing employment on the island and contributing to the growth of local coffee farming. He also created the Vox Forte Alliance, a foundation that strives to educate, create awareness and give support to stem cell transplant patients.