Working Women and Beauty

You know how sometimes we wish that we could just wake up, get dressed, head out the door, jump into the car and look like a movie star waltzing into the office? Well, the bad news is that….it never happens that way, and it will never….EVER! So, what’s a working woman or mother to do but to do SOMETHING (anything) about juggling family life and business so that she would look every bit the movie star that she deserves to look like every morning?

That’s the bad news. The good news is that working women should have a load of these beauty tips that can shorten their time in the morning. It’s a dreadful chore trying to get the kids (if you have them. Bless you if you don’t have them yet) and yourself ready in the morning. Getting up early in the morning, bug-eyed, becomes something of a nightmare.

But try some of these short-cut tips.

Flat hair or bad hair day solution
Most women with long or long-ish hair will have problems dealing with unruly curls or NO CURLS or hair-sticking-out-everywhere-syndrome some mornings. You deal with them by setting your hair at night…and yes, this means going to bed with curlers and some setting agent. The down side is that you’re probably going to have to change the pillow case a lot more during the week but hey, nothing in this world is free.

Put your hair in rollers (you don’t have to do this for the whole head) while it’s still half-dry and them put some gel or setting solution to it before going off to bed.

Use celebrity makeup as an example
This is truly easy. Most of us would tear our hair out in front of the mirror trying to make ourselves up in the morning. Instead of doing that, try this. Cut out pictures of celebrities who look good in magazines and have them placed in your drawer. Before you go to sleep at night, pick one out, something you’d like to try tomorrow morning, and stick it to the mirror.

The next morning, duplicate that to the best of your ability.

The night before
If you want to look young and beautiful the next day, you’ll have to do your homework the night before – I’m serious, there’s no exception to this rule.

You want to save time in the morning without sacrificing the way you look, then you’ll have to get everything prepared at night. Working women are considered the pillars of every family. Not only do they have to do their bit in bringing in the dough but they’re shouldering the responsibilities of caring for the family, herself and kids. Harrowing task, if you ask me, but not impossible.