World’s Most Expensive Bags: Some Are Not Actually Attractive But Worth As Collateral Anyway

Nothing spells excess (and rank) much more than really expensive bags covered with diamonds and encased in meticulously crafted and preserved folds of animal skin. Nevertheless for fans of bling, these tasty little numbers are savory and a must on wardrobes. Sure a number of the designs of these expensive bags are not exactly dripping with elegance but the fact is these can be great ventures for the future. Should you need cash, you can loan this stuff to a lending company. Loans with collateral are always a lifesaver, thus you never know, you may be saving your business, your lifestyle, or even your life with the aid of these bags. Here are bags of the most steeply-priced kind. View.

1. 1001 Nights Diamond Purse ($ 3.8 million)

It is an expensive option to accommodate your cellphone, lighter and cigarettes, gum, credit cards and your favorite lipstick. It is downright costly since it is covered in 4,517 diamonds. You will find 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow ones and 4, 356 colorless diamonds on this handcrafted 18 karat gold purse. Mouawad was accountable for producing this one and they are also the artisans behind Victoria Secret’s generously designed jewel bra.

2. The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag ($ 1.9 million)

Ever dreamed of a sweet handbag created from platinum and real bling that could be used as jewelry? Now your object of illusion is now realized care of the people from Hermes. Hermes worked with with Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka for this design and it has made diamond and label-loving gals throughout the globe swoon with delight. If you would want to wear the jewels, just take off the strap and wear them as a bracelet or a necklace. You may also lift off the large pear-shaped diamond placed in the front and don it as a brooch.

3. Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Handbag ($ 261,000)

Chanel has been persistent in designing wonderful couture for ladies throughout the years. Their bags are constantly sought after and they dabbled in the realm of really pricy bags by making the Diamond Forever Classic Handbag. This bag is bejeweled with 3.56 karats from 334 diamonds and 18 karat white gold. The label’s all-pervasive double C logo is ornamented with diamonds, it has a white gold shoulder strap and perfectly constructed alligator skin. Put this on your Christmas list immediately and hang on.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag ($ 250,000)

This bag was last found in the hands of Helen Mirren, who toted it in the 2007 Academy Awards. Only a single Cleopatra clutch each and every year is made by designer Lana Marks. It is made from silver alligator skin with a clasp bearing lots of sweet black and white diamonds, set in 18-karat white gold. You can tote your everynight essentials on this thing and it will surely pull in fashionistas and bling fans by the droves.

5. Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag ($ 150,000)

Lousi Vuitton is probably the most preferred high-end brand on the planet as of late. Their items have been sported by A-list celebrities, moneyed socialites, wives and daughters of notable political leaders, and plain folks with cash to spare. However this certain bag has stimulated a discussion because of its rather “cutting-edge” structure. It’s far from the bags LV has created over time.

It is composed of fine Italian leather and bespoked with “symbols” addressing the fast pace and at times unhealthy facet of urban living. It has things like band-aids, empty cigarette packs, chewing gum wrappers and an empty water bottle. Yes, it feels like the contents of a messy chick’s handbag switched inside-out.

If value is so much your thing, you have to choose the diamond-studded ones.

It’s not a secret that loaning companies are always keen on things with great value. From antiques to the latest in designer and high-end merchandise, anyone can deliver them and get your portion of cash with low interests and flexible loan terms. Loaning companies are really a blessing in disguise for people who are hard up for funds. loans in AZ can be had at any time because of so many lending companies there. Now, if you have bags similar to those mentioned above, or anything high-end and so forth, they might function as collateral for a loan. Take better care of bags with such reputation, and loaning companies will get their hands on them in a cinch.
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