Would Lincoln Be Elected Today

History reports that we have just elected our 44th President of the United States. In a political campaign reported to be like no other in history a African-American was elected to our highest office. I along with many Americans viewed as our President-elect gave his first on-camera interview on the CBS News Show Sixty Minutes.

I was touched by the down to earth attitude exhibited by our new President. His common-sense approach in answering the questions posed to him reminded me of another President from our history books in fact President-elect Obama made mention of this president in his remarks citing he sought the writings of this president for counsel and advice, finding them to be sound and wise even in today’s times. Yes my friends that man was the 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln. Upon being elected President Lincoln was the most inexperienced President in history. It is reported that a third of his constituents abandoned him referring to him as a “Gorilla”. President Lincoln assumed his office governing a war which would cost over 680,000 lives.

A war which saw six generals removed from the Union Army and the last to assume command was at best a moderate alcoholic. A war which was neither popular nor easy to win. This alone would have been enough to keep President Lincoln awake at night and place him in an unbearable stress filled environment. But history reports these were but a few of Lincoln’s problems he also suffered from bouts of Depression and Bipolar Disorder. Ah but my friends history has proven that the down to earth common sense approach by Lincoln was both sound and boarded on genius at times. Lincoln was down to earth and calm in his actions. At the time of his death Lincoln is remembered as one of the finest Presidents to have served our country. Would Lincoln have been elected our 44th President if he had been the Republican choice to seek this high office? I will leave that to others to judge but oh what we would have missed if he had not been elected.

So I return to President-elect Obama who appears to share so many of these fine traits and behaviors. President-elect Obama inherits a war that has not been won, is extremely unpopular with the American people and in the time of the largest financial crisis in recent history is bankrupting the country. Many Americans are questioning the bail-out of the Financial market and now are being asked to do the same for the failing American Car Market what will history report as the legacy of our new President only time will tell. American people question the bail out of large corporations who have squandered their monies, over-paid their executives, and failed to provide a viable product for the country. People also question the bailout when the plight of the average American is loss of their homes in a mortgage crisis that should have never occurred, failure to provide for their families, and the inability to find employment. The American people are waiting Mr President, good luck and may God Bless the United States of America.