WoW Hunter Builds – What’s the Best PvE Hunter Build For Fast Leveling?

You may not realize it, but if you’ve decided to play a Hunter in World of Warcraft, you’ve already picked one of the best classes to level. The Hunter has some great advantages, especially with the Pet, that makes this class ideal for power leveling your character to level 70. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes the Hunter so great and what kind of talents you should be spending points in to design the best PvE Hunter build.

Now, if you’re interested in fast leveling and don’t want to worry about being ganked by other players, I’d stick with a Player vs Environment server. You won’t have to do everything solo and can still get together with your buddies for big raids, but you won’t have to worry about anyone sneaking up behind you and sticking a shiv in your back! And when you go AFK you won’t come back to find you’re self in the middle of a fight.

So if you’ve decided to build a PvE Hunter build, then you’re going to want to primarily spend your points in the Beast Mastery Tree. Being able to tame your Pet and take advantage of all of the Pet’s abilities makes a big difference to your leveling speed because the pet acts as a tank for you. Instead of you being the brunt of attacks, your pet will take the damage. Or, if you have a good DPS pet, your pet will deliver some really good damage for you. Basically, having a pet (which is something unique to hunters) is a nice boost to your own stats.

There’s a lot of different ways you can go with Beast Mastery, but these are some of my preferred talents:

Endurance Training – Increases your pet’s health. You’ll really need this if you plan on leveling solo most of the time.

Bestial Swiftness – for making your pet move faster on land

Ferocity – Increases Pet damage (10% bonus, critical strike) and you’ll need it to get Frenzy

Frenzy – this provides a 30% increase to attack speed after critical strikes. This is a must have!

Make sure you also spend talent points in Unleashed Furty, Improved Mend Pet, and Intimidation to round things out.

You also want to give your own DPS abilities a kick, so don’t be stingy on spending points on marksmanship skills. While you mostly will be sticking to the Beast Mastery tree for your PvE Hunter build, some talent points spent to improve your rifle and bow skills will make a big difference.

From the Marksmanship tree, Efficiency is good for mana cost reduction, then Lethal Shots for the crit strike bonus.

If you’re main concerning is having the best build for solo leveling and grinding, then the Survival tree isn’t anything you need to bother with. just stick to mainly Beast Mastery with some points in Marksmanship just to round things out a bit and improve your ranged weapons skill. Between your superior Marksmanship and the flexibility of your Pet as both tank and damage dealer, you won’t anyone getting near you often enough to even need Survival talents.
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