Wrapping Sensitive Items for Worldwide Shipping

Many people will have reservations about sending some parcels through the post as they could be damaged by the slightest knock and with all the talk in the news about how parcels have turned up broken or delayed and lost in the mail you will have plenty of good reasons for being concerned about the safety of your precious cargo when it is sent through the post.

There are some items that are made of fragile materials such as glass, pottery and even delicate electronics which can be damaged by a knock or bump. Whilst we can’t supervise the entire delivery process from start to finish we can do our part in protecting our parcels by ensuring we pack them safely but also by making sure we send our parcels via a reputable service that will be able to ensure the quick and safe passage of your parcel to its destination and that it will arrive in one piece.

Packing Your Parcel
Packing can be pretty poor when people are not familiar with the idea of sending a parcel but many people believe that adequate packing will cost them extra money and effort in order to make sure their precious cargo is safe. The truth is that there are many ways to pack your parcel safely without spending money on expensive insulation and boxes for shipping your delicate items with.

Instead of buying bubble wrap and polystyrene inserts you can easily get the cushioning and protection from an old newspaper, wrapping fragile items in newspaper but also scrunching up the newspaper into balls can create dense insulation that can surround your item inside the box. Boxes can be picked up for free from your local supermarkets that are often happy to give away boxes as long as they know they’re going to good use.

Securing your parcel with sticky tape isn’t going to be up to the rigours of parcel delivery, mainly due to the shape and size of household sticky tape it won’t be strong enough, instead wider parcel tape can resist most knocks and scratches and can also be used to waterproof your parcels as some people secure the whole of their parcel with parcel tape that not only protects the contents but also makes your parcel practically tamperproof.

Choosing a Parcel Service
As important as wrapping your fragile parcel is making sure that you use the right courier or delivery service for the job, couriers are best equipped for sending parcels as they have many years of experience with many fragile items that need to be delivered quickly and safely. There are many couriers now available that deliver within the UK or even internationally, with most couriers you get a lot more convenient service features such as being able to track your parcel delivery from the beginning to end and collection of the parcel from your home or place of work to save time and effort for yourself.

Ensuring you take care of your parcel both in wrapping and choice of delivery agent is important so make sure you find out which company are most reliable and respected when it comes to parcel delivery before you trust them to deliver your item.