Wrinkles And Botox, Anyone?

Annual circles and whorls on a bark and branch signify the age of trees. Likewise, lines and marks on someones face indicate his or her age. Whereas whorls are important in the study of forests, wrinkles are considered insignificant in the ageing of humans. As a matter of fact, products and services to lessen these face lines are flourishing in consumer markets.
Before grabbing any of those facial creams and soaps, it is first important to know the major causes of the appearance of these age-determinant lines. Prevention is better than cure, as the popular clich puts it. Ageing is inevitable, but there are some things that can be avoided to lessen skin ageing.

The primary cause of wrinkles is the skins inability to hold moisture as one grows. Babys skin is supple and smooth because of the glands capacity to hold oil and moisture. However, as a person ages, the gland weakens. It leaves the skin dry as it wears out sufficient amount of oil and moisture. Eventually, the skin loses its elasticity, resulting to the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkles are more evident on parts of the body which are most frequently exposed to the sun. These are most often seen on the face, neck, top of the forearms, and back of the hands. Ultraviolet rays (UV) of the sun penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, causing the destruction and weakening of skin cells. This greatly contributes to the formation of fine lines on the face and neck. Botox (Los Angeles cosmetic centers offer new technology for Botox surgery) procedures repair this skin damage to bring back the skins natural texture.

Another factor which hastens skin ageing is smoking. Nicotine content on cigarettes deprives the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients which are needed in maintaining healthy skin cells. Moreover, dermatologists say that smokers have a bigger chance of developing uneven skin tone. The effects of smoking become more noticeable as one gets older. Many patients in Los Angeles Botox cosmetic centers say that smoking has highly contributed in the formation of wrinkles on their face.

Many people consult Los Angeles Botox cosmetic surgeons to erase those age-determinant lines on their face. Nevertheless, knowledge on the causes of wrinkles can be a surefire key to fight skin ageing among the young.