Xbox 360 E74 Error Code – The Fact You Should Know About

Xbox 360 e74 is a common error and most of the Xbox 360 gamers face this error code on their console. If you are also one of the gamers who faces the ominous e74 error, then you need not to be afraid. You are not alone to face the dreaded error. With a few simple steps, you can fix the problem once and for all.

The main cause of Xbox 360 e74 problem is the damage of the HANA or ANA scaler chip. This chip is located near the Xbox 360 Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). Overheating causes this damage, which results in the malfunctioning of fans and heat sinks. The other major problems that occur due to overheating are no video error, freezing and the Red Ring of Death or RRoD error.

To fix the e74 error code, you have to deal with the AV cable. Remove the AV cable and just blow out the gathered dust. Then power up your console again to see if there is no persistence of the e74 error. This simple trick will work and overcome the problem in the initial phase. Still there is the e74 error, then look for another AV cable, because it is possible that the AV cable needs to be replaced to fix the e74 problem. Even if the replacing of the AV cable didn’t fix the problem, then surely the problem is with the console.

There are many online Xbox 360 repair guides that claim to fix the problem. In stead of getting allured by them, choose the reference guide that will assure you money back guaranty in case of failure to fix the problem. Moreover, the guide should not cost you more than $ 30. It should have easy to follow instructions with high quality video tutorials that will make your way easy to fix the Xbox 360 e74 error on your own. To fix the problem at your home is not a difficult task and can be done within two hours.