Xbox 360 E74 Error – The New Red Ring of Death?

When the Xbox 360 was first released, it was plagued by numerous problems; the most notorious of which was quickly dubbed the “Red Ring of Death”. After three long years filled with class action lawsuits and warranty amendments in an effort to fix this problem, a new error has shown up to a degree that has many Xbox 360 owners cringing. There are a few conspiracy theories floating around about this new hindrance, commonly referred to as the E74 error.

The presence of this error is actually not as new to the Microsoft Xbox 360 console as many people believe. In reality, this error had occurred numerous times to the first generation consoles, but when the Red Ring of Death became such a prominent issue, the E74 error fell by the wayside. Unfortunately, it seems to have returned in abundance.

Many gamers started to suffer from the debilitating effects of the E74 error when Xbox released the NXE update, officially known as the New Xbox Experience update. This error presents with many of the same symptoms as the Red Ring of Death did in the beginning. Unfortunately, to the frustration of many Xbox fans, Microsoft was originally only covering this error under warranty for the first year. This was especially aggravating for Xbox 360 owners, as this error tended to present itself after the first year of use, thus making it a costly fix.

Unsurprisingly, many people believe that this error to be the Red Ring of Death, just slightly altered by a Microsoft update. Although Microsoft claims this error is completely unrelated to the Red Ring of Death, many gamers remain skeptical. Other frustrated defective console owners attribute this error to faulty software updates.

Whatever the cause, many gamers feel that the E74 error was the last straw and they began frantically search for a quick Xbox 360 e74 error fix. Between the despair of the Red Ring of Death, and the frustration of the E74 error, Microsoft has lost many of their formerly loyal customers. It seems that only those who were fortunate enough not to suffer the devastating effects of these errors could bear to remain loyal to this faulty console.

Luckily for these gamers there is an answer for the Xbox 360 e74 error fix in the form of e74 or red light repair kits. These kits are readily available online and by using these, gamers can be playing again in under an hour.