Xbox 360 Failure – DIY Repair Guides

The most greatly feared XBox 360 failure is referred to as “The red ring of death”.  It is a failure indicator that lets the user know there is an internal problem that is located within the hardware of the unit. In most cases, receiving this alert is indication that a fatal error has occurred.

The most common cause of this failure is excessive heat within the console.  The console is relatively small and has a bunch of electronic components stuffed inside.  If you do not place it in an area that allows air flow over, under and all around it, you could easily experience overheating.

The fans within the console are often unable to keep the systems cool enough to avoid being overheated from all of the intense heat created by the components.  The good news for you is that there is hope for you if you have experienced the overheating problem with your XBox 360.

There are several easy to follow do it yourself repair guides available on the internet that can help you fix your own Xbox 360 failure without having a lot of technical experience.  If you want to save a lot of money and a lot of downtime from having to ship your unit off to Microsoft for repairs, you should seriously consider a do it yourself guide.

Make sure when shopping for these guides:

Don’t pay more than $ 30.00.  There are just too many good ones available for less than this.
They have at least 2 or 3 happy user testimonials on their sales page.
They offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.

It just is not necessary to spend more than 30 bucks for a guide.  The ones on the market that cost more than that do not have any more information available than the ones under 30 dollars.

User testimonials are important because they offer social proof to you that this guide is not a waste of time and it does what the creator of the guide says it will do.

The 60 day guarantee is a big must have.  This virtually removes all risk to you.  If you don’t feel that the product is worth what you paid for it, and you were not able to fix your XBox 360 by following the instructions, you can have all of your money back.