Xbox 360 Red Light Error – Permanent Fix For E74 Error

Video game consoles are getting popular day-by-day by introduction of new consoles into the market. The reason for this trend is the entry of corporate giants into the gaming industry. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc have entered into this market investing huge amount of capital. These video game consoles are attracting more number of children and adults than ever before because of the features it contains. Xbox 360 is one such videogame console. The console is designed and developed by Microsoft and introduced in the year 2005.

Microsoft is a major software company and has wide range of experience and had been in the field for several years. But developing hardware is a new experience for them. Hence they lag behind in certain areas of hardware manufacturing. All these talks came because of the failure of the Xbox 360s hardware. Many users worldwide have complained about the overheating problem of the console. The reason for this is the design structure of the console. The console has been provided with very few ventilation gaps and this is one of the reasons for the problem. The console has not been tested with all necessary tests like console heat withstanding etc. From the number of failures, it’s clear that Microsoft has introduced the product to the market in a hurry to have a tough competition with the Sony’s Playstation 2 during the Christmas.

The problem has resulted in overheating of the console. The console often pops up and displays an error message name as E 74 along with Three Red lights in the power ring. The problem is popularly known as the “Three Red Light error”. Gamers call them as the “Red Rings of Death” or RRoD as when the problem occurs the entire console gets hung and no further operations can be performed on the console thereafter.

The reason for the overheating is due to the presence of the X clamp that holds the heat sinks of the processors to the motherboard. Because of the X clamp, the heat sink becomes more air tight and hence air circulation to the GUI and CPU becomes inadequate leading to the failure of the console. The only way to avoid the red light error is to have enough air supply to the console.

There are various methods to solve the red light error of the console. If your console has a valid warranty then you can repair them by giving the console to Microsoft service station. The simplest method to solve problem without spending more money and time is by repairing it on your own. As the console requires only the removal of the X clamps repairing can be done with help of simple tools. For this you have watch some video tutorials for repairing the console. This is the cheapest way and most reliable way and many gamers recommend this method as it takes just 1 or two hours rather than waiting for up to 3 months when sent to Microsoft.