Xiamen: Appliance Manufacturers Want To “subsidize” Promote Exchange Old For New –

The country’s “home appliances TM” details yet to be introduced, in order to catch the wind, some appliance manufacturers plan with their own money to promote the national policy posted … …

5 19-day national nine pilot provinces and cities
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TM to
“The news came out, both appliance manufacturers and consumers, are much-anticipated introduction of the Regulations. Although this was not included in the pilot cities of Xiamen, but reporters learned yesterday, many appliance brands can not wait Regulations introduced, it is not satisfied only in the pilot cities “TM.” several home appliance brand insiders told reporters, the headquarters is intense preparations “TM” program, estimated to be launched in mid-June.

“Brand their own money to do first posted, but also to promote the whole country.” House brand of a relevant person in charge told reporters.

Launch new business 10% discount

“Headquarters has issued a circular calling for the division operation ‘TM to’ activities.” A well-known home appliance brands
Air conditioning
Manager told reporters, “Once started, the pilot cities to open, all the country’s markets will receive the subsidies.”

Now willing to reveal his intention to subsidize the activities of operating a home appliance brands that have more than five, there are some brands stand waiting headquarters issued a document.

“Consumers will get their own brand as long as the old machine to the store recycling, can get new 10% discount.” The air conditioning manager told reporters, “such as air conditioning, could only distinguish the hook and Guiji not size in the power or the size of the entangled energy efficiency, enjoy the new 9 is a direct discount. “

When a reporter questioned “If the manufacturer does not receive state aid cases, by 9 fold
Brand will lose money “situation, the manager said,” This will be the headquarters of financial trade-offs, just follow suit like a branch, while for consumers, this is also a larger discount program. “

Rational treatment of the industry to remind consumers

Reporter also learned that the follow-up “TM” activities are mostly domestic brands, while foreign brands are still at a “inaction” of the wait state. An official told reporters that foreign brands, they do not even hear any rumors of activities.

“State money to subsidize ‘TM to’ and businesses to promote ‘TM to’ are two concepts that must be clarified.” Her analysis is that state subsidies mean that consumers can not only enjoy the time merchant promotions can also enjoy state subsidies, “This is a double, but if a business first subsidies, it is just a way of promotions, price cuts can only be said that the space used for activities of it.”

And a TV manufacturer brand relevant department head, told reporters, “TM” event year after year doing business, just that their subsidies are not the same way, “the now hot ‘TM to ‘The topic of the period, the most important thing is to distinguish between a business or promotional gimmicks can truly benefit, reasonable consumption is very important. “He said that they are still waiting for state subsidies brand implementation details,” there must be incentives , but intends to do with the combination of state subsidies, so that relatively large force, but also reasonable. ” SABUNG AYAM