Xiamen: May 1 Golden Week, The Brand Appliances Were Supernatural Powers

‘s Just from Xiamen Haier Industry and Trade Co., Ltd got the news, the Golden Week, Haier full range of products sold doubled over last year, and the entire April Fujian, west Fujian total sales more than 100 million yuan. According to reports, Haier again this year, product sales accounting for the high-end upgrade

Refrigerator 30% of total sales, Air conditioning 40%, while Washing machine And TV And other home appliances products are accounting for 30% of all category steadily over the same period last year, easily completed the target. It is reported that Haier will this month to open boutique stores in Xiamen.

Siemens Selling high-end products Fujian area, according to Siemens, responsible person, during the Golden Week, this year’s main push Siemens series hot stove smoke, sales volume is 3 times last year, compared with other similar brands, sales ranked second in the province. The Siemens hot stove mainstream smoke about 5,000 yuan for the two sets of products and elegant series of about 4,000 yuan, the price than any other cigarette brands to be much higher lesions.

In addition, Siemens refrigerators, washing machines to high-end products is the mainstream, continued to maintain 30% growth, about 5,000 to 3,000 -4 000 refrigerators and washing machines between dollars, are selling characters during the Golden Week.

Hisense flat-panel TV High In the recently concluded Golden Week, the Hisense 120Hz True + series, dual-core point crystal flat-panel TV can be recorded series of eye-catching performance. As the most dominant flat-panel TV technology of new products, they are the leading domestic and international peer-volume market, led the Golden Week this year, flat-panel TV market

Consumption Trend, as this year’s “51” hot plate for seven days on the market the biggest bright spot. Hot new products in the Hisense flat-panel, led by first-tier cities appliance store sales of flat TVs has exceeded 90% of total color TV sales, Hisense flat-panel TV sales have doubled year on year, to scale new record performance.

Golden Week 7 days ago, flat

Television TV sales accounted for 65% of total sales, not only because their prices have come to the populace, and more importantly, this year’s competition in the market focus on new products and

Service On. Hisense introduced 120Hz LCD TV Can record a large flat-panel TVs are unique new products, the brand is still in the concept of joint venture products, the Hisense has a comprehensive listing of the 32-inch to 52 inches from a full range of 120Hz True + series of new products, occupy the market opportunities.

Konka “Marketing mix” season paying off

From Konka’s sales data, “51” period, Konka 40-inch and larger flat-panel TV sales, compared to last year, was doubled; the same time, Konka’s latest i-in slim sub-brand, ultra-thin CRT performance once again surged to Jin Sancheng market share and continue to retaining its position as the industry first. It is understood that during the period May 1, Konka main push of the glory of 29 series of new products into the latest F8 HD engine, and high-definition channel input and output terminals of 8 double high-definition large high-definition technology from a “high-definition source” to “HD”, and “high definition display,” the three-dimensional high-definition processing, to provide consumers with a full high-definition

Audiovisual Entertainment experience. Meanwhile, Konka also launched high-end consumer HD and eight times four times high-definition custom high-end products such as personalized products and services. Comprehensive variety of products to meet consumer demand.

From “51” flat panel market, the second half of this year, 32-inch flat panel TV will be the same as the popular 21-inch CRT TV, but about the big 50-inch flat panel market will be key areas of contention, Chinese and foreign brands in this Competition will be fierce for a field. Konka


Deputy General Manager of Marketing Division, said Liu Dan, 32-inch flat-panel TVs this year and the following is absolutely no price war to play, it is estimated the majority of enterprises will maintain the level of the previous special, but will not do the new adjustment. SABUNG AYAM