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HC Chemical Network News, the mother of an industrial chemical called, but the chemical industry’s contribution and impact on the environment and security, they often make people tough love and hate the cut. Yesterday, the province held special rectification of chemical manufacturers teleconference meeting, the City related to lead in the final speech, announced that this meeting marks a new round of chemical manufacturers special work started.

Get tough: three years of 390 chemical enterprises have been closed
Three years ago, the provincial chemical manufacturer to deploy special work, the city issued supportive policies, implementation measures, and actively carry out special work in advance and complete the Province ordered the city shut down over 215 chemical production business objectives and tasks.

At the end of 2009, the city’s total closure, relocation 493 chemical enterprises, representing the beginning of all the chemical regulation the city’s 67.07 percent total number of enterprises, which shut down business 390, 59 moving companies, changing the line of non-chemical products business 44. Particular prominence to the city’s drinking water source close to the work of chemical manufacturers, chemical companies 52 have been closed in place.

Review: Special Regulation on chemicals “looking back”
Three chemical manufacturers special rectification work has come to an end, a new round of special rectification has been fully started. End of this month, the municipal office to take charge of administration, safety supervision, environmental protection, industry and commerce, quality supervision and coordination with other departments to form the Joint Inspection Unit, on the counties (cities, districts) have reported the completion of the task to close or move door to door to conduct business “looking back”, to focus on examination and dismantling of chemical equipment license cancellation (cancellation) conditions to ensure the rectification of a solid, beware of “revival.”

Around in the city before the test, first make self-examination and correction, not place of work to promptly follow up the place.

Upgrade: resolutely eliminate backward production enterprises
According to relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards, from the industrial access, safety, environmental protection, technical quality, personnel qualifications, as well as land, energy, project approval procedures and business registration, and continue to straighten out the various Chemical manufacturers, on the illegal establishment, does not meet the safety standards, pollutant discharge standards can not be stable chemical manufacturers, should be closed; serious waste resources and pollute the environment, do not have the safety conditions of backward production technology, technical equipment and industry, they should be eliminated.

Existing hazardous chemical production process of enterprises, to ensure complete automation and control before the end of this year transformation, to achieve automatic control of process and temperature, pressure and other indicators of the main parameters of the automatic alarm, remote operation. Also asked, chemical concentration outside of the chemical industry to improve safety and environmental protection standards, not to expand the size and expansion reconstruction.

Monitoring: stand up unannounced visits to inspect and media
Insist on safety first, environmental priority, establish a sound mechanism for chemical projects access to raise the access threshold chemical projects. Chemical projects approved (for the record) by the municipal departments in charge of investment, counties (cities, districts) are not allowed to approve chemical projects, ultra vires approval is strictly prohibited. Standardize procedures for project approval, the new chemical projects outside the park not be approved.

On the illegal discharge, a security risk for enterprises to timely information, rectification, if not on schedule fail to comply shall be punished severely; repeated punishment for some repeat offenders of the enterprise, no matter what their size, contribute to what should be strict Department a check in the end, not soft. To ensure the city’s industrial zone, chemical companies can withstand a higher level examination at any time, unannounced visits to withstand the media, stand up supervision by the masses. SABUNG AYAM