Yoga Pictures: Separating a Snapshot from a Photograph

With tons of yoga students practicing this ancient discipline, the number of subjects available for photographers grows every day. Photographing yoga practitioners in action is a very interesting activity that can get you some great shots filled with various emotions. There are things to watch out for in yoga photography that will make a picture an excellent one.

As is the same case with other genres of photography, a picture has several criteria for it to be an excellent one. It should be technically good, which means that the correct settings were used to capture the photo. It should also be compositionally great, which means that it is pleasing to the eye and the viewer focuses on the subject instantly without wandering around. The most important one aspect though, is that a photo tells a story, which is easier said than done.

Being technically good is something that every photographer should strive to be. While it is not the most important aspect of photography, the right settings could serve as the icing on the cake, turning a good photo into a masterpiece. Using the right lighting setup if indoors, shooting at the right time if outdoors, using the right lens, perfecting the camera settings; these all contribute to making an otherwise good shot into an excellent one.

A great yoga picture also has great composition. This means that the background, angle, lighting and other elements have to complement the yoga practitioner posing for the camera. One can use several elements, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, or tight framing, to make a shot complete. After all, one needs to clearly see what the model is exemplifying in the photo.

Even if a yoga picture is technically and compositionally good, it will only be a snapshot unless it has a story. Telling a story is an intangible aspect of photography, but it is what separates masterpieces from the others. For yoga photos, certain details such as effort on the student’s face, sweat on the body, interaction in a class, or focusing on certain parts being stretched can make all the difference in the shot.

Excellent yoga pictures inspire, motivate, and give students attainable goals in the form of imitating those in the picture. With yoga becoming very popular due to its many benefits, photographers will never run out of subjects in an attempt to capture the emotion and triumph of the human body through the amazing feats done through this ancient discipline.

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