You Can Attract Girls If You Follow These Tips

Whatever your reason to attract girls to you, you’re sure to find that these tips will get you well on your way to getting noticed by the lovely ladies around you. Once you find one girl attracted to you, others will follow like a natural progression.

First you need to realise that first impressions do count and in fact they’re very important as most girls will decide at a quick glance or sniff if she likes you or not. Make sure to wash every day and wear a nice fragrance but don’t slap loads on, subtle is better than in your face!

Try and take note of the style she likes, if she’s a bit of a punk then why not add an element of that to your style? A t-shirt or a piece of jewellery, believe me, she’ll really notice it! If she’s a skater chick why not get some cool skate trainers, after all, little things in common really do help!

After this you need to consider how to approach her, after all if you don’t make contact then how will you ever get her to talk to you? Most girls still like guys to make the first move, whatever you do though, don’t use chat up lines as most girls cringe when they hear them! Asking how she is, is a great start as it instantly shows you care about her feelings.

Let her talk, give her space and try not to ramble. If you feel things are going really well then suggest you do and do something together but don’t suggest meeting alone, go somewhere neutral like a cafe or a bar so she won’t feel pressurised.

And make sure that you’re natural. Don’t be false or pretend to be something you’re not. This is one of the worst things you can do as once you drop the front she will see a different person and feel let down!
Sabung Ayam
L.O.X., Drag-On, Eve – Ryde Or Die, Chick

Music video by L.O.X., Drag-On, Eve performing Ryde Or Die, Chick. (C) 1999 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

Sabung Ayam