You Can Make a Mini Book With a Wallet

If you enjoy doing creative thing, making a mini book from a wallet will be an interesting task for you. Home made mini books from a wallet will make a perfect gift for anyone, especially for children or colleagues. They can be creating for a number of purposes depending upon to whom you are giving it to. If you are planning to give them to your children, then you can make it an ABC book by customizing it with colorful illustrations that will amaze your children. You can also include cartoons and fairy tales for your children. And if you wish to present a mini book to your life partner, you can express your feelings through it with appreciative words like “I Love You”, “I Miss You” etc. You can also give this with lots of funny tales and memorable photos to your friend or family. It all depends upon you to create the mini book whether for your children or some others. What ever be the purpose for which you are making, you can create them from your wallet in the way you love to.

The first thing that you will require for your mini book is of course a small, one fold leather wallet or wallet made of nylon or plastic as per the material you want. The wallet that you use for making this should have a money clip with a metal prong at the side of the fold for fastening. Other than buying a wallet that comes with a number of pockets and compartments, it would be better to get a simple wallet that does not have too many slots in it.

A simple wallet would make a better mini book. The wallet that you use for the mini book will serve as a book cover. You should first remove any debris on the wallet by wiping and cleaning it with a damp cloth first and then patting it with a dry cloth. Take out a white paper and with the help of a ruler and pencil, you should start drawing around ten to twenty boxer in a length and width of /4 to 1/2 inch of the wallet. After cutting out the strips and folding them in half, you should stack them in the form of a neat pile and then fold again. This will give you a small book with twenty to forty pages.