You Can Save Loads by Building a Chicken Coop

There are loads of chicken coops for sale – at a price. Building your own is easy if you have a good set of chicken coop plans and instructions, whether you are a new chicken keeper and want a simple hen house, or an experienced keeper who wants a more sophisticated chicken coop

Building a chicken coop is an ideal family project. Children can follow the instructions and tell you what to do next, they can assemble sections and may be able to build the whole coop themselves.

At the outset it is the size of the flock that determines the type of coop. If you have, or plan to have, about three hens, then a chicken ark would be a good choice.

If you want your chickens to free range, you can let them out, but a chicken ark is designed to be moved around so the chickens get to range as you move it. The simple design includes a roosting area one end and run the other.

A larger hen house with a run is more like a weekends work, but still based on simple shapes, so easy to build. This is your answer if you have five to seven hens. You could even build both a hen house and an ark, so you have the chicken ark to move the hens around and to use if any of them are poorly.

A larger flock of ten or so will need a bigger hen house. You’ll find the pitched roof designs with nest boxes accessed externally work well, and you can always build a run to go round the outside.

There are good plans that include all three designs which are the obvious choice if you really want to save.
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Chicken Adobo

Get the details of the recipe (in English) here

Chicken Adobo is probably one of the most popular Filipino foods. Chicken adobo refers to chicken pieces cooked inadobo style. This means that the chicken is stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and whole peppercorns. Adobo is a common and popular Filipino dish. It has been famous because during the old days where there is no freezer or refrigerator yet, people try to preserve their food as long as possible. Cooking food with vinegar makes it last longer – just like what we are doing with this delicious chicken adobo recipe.

There are also other adobo versions aside from the traditional adobo style. Adobo sa puti, adobong dilaw, and adobong tuyo are just some of these. Some adobo dishes also include hard boiled eggs.

Chicken adobo is also known in other countries as: hoender adobo, pulë adobo, հավ adobo, cücə adobo, oilaskoa adobo, курыца adobo, মুরগির মাংস adobo, adobong manok, 鸡 adobo, kana adobo, poulet adobo, huhn adobo, मुर्गा adobo, ayam ayam adobo, pollo adobo, チキンadobo, kurczak adobo, frango adobo, курица adobo, kyckling adobo, курка adobo, and gà adobo.

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