You Cannot Generate Outcomes If You Live In A Search Engine’s Virtual Vacuum

Do your self a favor. If you rely solely on your listings in the search engines to produce business, quit appropriate now. Why? Since placing all your advertising dollars into a channel you cannot hope to control, is a fool’s game at best.

Just ask the myriad of organizations – massive, tiny and medium – that woke up final week to learn their internet sites had suffered a substantial drop (or had disappeared altogether) in Google’s page outcomes. You can nearly hear their shrieks of protest, and their howls of “WHY ME!”

Of course, this happens every single time Google makes a adjust to its algorithm. And each time it tends to make me wonder why some men and women (and I’m like critical marketing men and women with massive budgets right here) just never understand this basic truth: you can not produce outcomes if you reside solely in a search engine’s virtual vacuum.

Google and other search engines should by no means be relied upon to produce constant targeted traffic to your site. They ought to by no means be relied upon to generate sales. If you want your business to succeed in the lengthy term, you require to invest in a solid, strategic, well-rounded marketing approach.

Unfortunately, there are too many companies out there that are indifferent to marketing and advertising in other channels, let alone know how to use on the internet and offline channels to develop a competitive advantage.

So, as a reminder to absolutely everyone who thinks they can put all their marketing and advertising eggs in a single basket and nevertheless succeed, here are some fundamentals:


Are you positive your product is the ideal it can be? Is it far better than your competitors? Does it offer some thing beneficial to your potential consumers? If you cannot answer “yes’ to these three concerns and clarify your answer, you need to go back to the drawing board and set some objectives.


Whether or not it really is a excellent point or undesirable, the Web indicates that customers can shop about for the best deal from the comfort of their armchair. As a business owner, you can complain and moan, but it won’t assist you sell any much more merchandise. Make confident you offer the ideal deal and that your value is competitive, but do not get caught up in value alone – there are other approaches to convince consumers to get from you.


Go ahead and place a billboard up in the middle of the Nevada desert. Use it to announce your latest item launch. Then sit back and appreciate the peace and quiet. That’s what you’re performing if you anticipate your internet site (and the search engines) to create sales for you. A better way is to identify other advertising channels to market your items.


What is your provide? Why ought to customers get from you? If you know your customers and know your product, you’ll currently have the answers. Look at making use of incentives that appeal to your target audience and complement your solution. Take into account direct mail, print, media and public relations and make confident you devote adequate to provide influence. The income you commit on promotion whether or not on-line of offline is an investment in the extended-term achievement of your business.

Of course, following the above suggestions does not assure good results, but they must at least encourage you think about and diversify your marketing and advertising efforts instead of relying on the whims of a search engine.

To your accomplishment,