You Discovered Your Husbands Affair ? What Do You Do?

You have discovered that your husband has been having an affair and you are not sure what to do. Many times a woman will act out blindly when they find out this bad news but this is not the way you should react. If you were to react without a plan you may find yourself doing something you regret.

Aside from there being things you should do, there are some important things you must avoid. It is so easy to let anger, hurt, fear or wanting to take revenge that are natural reactions that can take hold of you. Only later can these make the situation worse for you if you are not careful. Below are some examples of what to avoid.

Only as a last resort should you kick your husband out of the house or leave him. Your best bet now is to keep him close by so you can keep an eye on him. As long as the two of you are still together you can check up on what he is doing and gather important facts. Keep a journal of all activities that applies to him, his girlfriend and details of the affair. If later you decide it is better to move on that’s ok, if you decide to work things out he is right there with you.

Do not waste your time on the other woman. Nothing will be accomplished with this and taking revenge on her will only come back to bite you later. Your energy can be best spent on other things. It’s probably best not to keep bringing her up in conversations with your husband either.

Keep your husbands affair to the two of you. If you tell your family members about it, especially his family, you may not get the results you had hoped for. His family will take his side so they will be of no good to you. Be careful telling your girlfriends about your husband’s affair because one of them may be the other woman.