You Don’t Have To Struggle With Leaving Pets At Home Any More

Vacationing can be a great deal of fun but many pet owners battle with where to put their beloved family member when they hit the road for some fun in the sun. What should you do if you are planning a vacation and really want to take your pet with you? Well, the good news is that you will be able to take that little one with you just about anywhere however it takes a little ingenuity and some calling around to put in place the ideal pet friendly vacation.

If you want to take your cat or dog away with you on holiday the first thing you must do is to find some pet friendly accommodations and the best way to do so is to check with a travel agent or contact the accommodations directly. Some pet friendly hotels can be located on the web and through travel guides. There may be an additional fee required but you will be surprised that several accommodations will make it possible for you to bring your furry friend along with you. Even with the additional cost, it will still save you money since you do not have to pay to board your dog at home.

Now if you are thinking about taking your own vehicle this will most likely work out best however if travel to your destination requires air travel and a rental vehicle then you need to find out the rules. Most airlines will let you fly with your pets in a regulation carrier for a fee. Smaller pets can generally stay in the cabin with you while others will have to fly in baggage. Your vet can help to sedate an animal so that they will have the ability to relax and sleep while in flight.

It is vital to recognize that if your travel in anyway involves a rental automobile then you need to have your pet secured in a pet carrier at all times within this vehicle as well. This is important to not only keep your pet safe and sound while you’re on the road but also helps to keep damage to the rental vehicle down to a minimum. You might think it harmless to allow your pet to wander freely through the vehicle however doing so will make a mess even if it’s just with hair all around and even cleaning up pet hair will still leave some throughout the vehicle. You may also want to find out if your rental company has a pet friendly policy because of allergies several companies find pets in a vehicle just as offensive as smoking.

All in all, taking your pet on family vacation may take a little bit of maneuvering however with the right arrangements you can be certain that everyone in your family has the best overall holiday experience. Certainly for your pet this is the better alternative to staying in a kennel or home alone for a week or more.