You Shouldn’t Teach These If You Want Your Network Marketing Downline to Duplicate

Here are some forms of marketing that don’t duplicate well in MLM:

1. Pay Per Click advertising. In fact, pay per click advertising is a full time job where you’re hunched over a computer monitoring all of your keywords, and the bid prices on each of them, split testing ads and landing pages. New people are not going to learn this skill in a reasonable time.

2. Renting email lists.

3. Buying leads.

4. Hard core Search Engine Optimization. Try teaching this to a new person and he’s going to have a miserable time learning it, because first of all he has to become a “guru” and write good articles and then about certain HTML tags and link building, etc…

Let’s be honest. These are just not going to work for people who have little or no industry experience.

And here’s another thing about these mass marketing strategies. They work because only a very small number of people can do them well. The more people who get on board with these marketing strategies, the less they work.

That’s because direct response marketing is about advertising to a specific target audience and eliciting a response from them. They respond because you have some unique selling proposition that could help them.

Now when everyone is targeting the same audience with the same “unique” selling point, it becomes a lot harder to get the response that you’re looking for. So forget about these mass marketing strategies.

Network Marketing has never been about that. Network Marketing has always been about building a group of people who do simple actions over an extended period of time to create wealth. I heard a great quote from Jordan Adler recently, and he said “If an 8 year old can’t teach it, don’t do it”

Network Marketing is a business built on long term relationships. It always has been, it always will be. Building relationships with other people is duplicable. You’ve been doing it since you were born.

When you sponsor someone new into your business, ideally you want him to hit the ground running. You do that by showing showing him exactly what to say and exactly what to do with his prospects, and give him the necessary tools and events to point to.

Keep it very simple. That way, he may have some new people in his team in a short period of time, and that creates momentum. Don’t educate the new guy on strategies which will take time to learn and master at the beginning. Only do that if he’s unable to get results with the simple approach.