Your Little Girl Will Be in the Pink With One of This Decade’s Hottest Pairings

As the year 2010 was coming to a close, the great US newspaper long known as both “the paper of record” and the publisher of “all the news that’s fit to print” made a truly momentous announcement to the world. Pink, it told us, was in vogue once again…pink was everywhere–pink was back!

The paper led up to this juicy bit of current events by discussing at length the trends of the 1950s and 1960s, when all sorts of rosy shades were enormously popular even in the homes of the richest and most powerful among us. Then it went on to detail the 1970s’ waning of interest in all things pink in favor of “more muted” colors, a waning that manufacturers sadly watched extend even to the usual purchases of their baby girl bedding.

Finally, right there on the very front page of the Sunday Styles Section (next to a picture of a gentleman in a pink dress shirt), the paper regaled us with tales of enthusiastic redecorating homeowners painting and tiling their walls in hot pink and shopping for pink commodes and pink patterned shower curtains.

While this particular article put its emphasis on luxurious lavatories, American decorators and department stores have seen a growing parallel resurgence in the other rooms in the house over the past several years, especially in infants’ sleeping quarters, more and more of which are now graced with the appealing contemporary combination of pink and brown baby bedding.

Of course, there are parents who will tell you that they never even considered forsaking the pink nursery they had long dreamed of for their newborn daughter; yet many a mommy-to-be did shy away from the carnations and corals she would have liked to use, fearing she would seem too out of date or too bourgeois (while mourning deep in her heart for those lovely, feminine hues).

Today, there’s no need for anyone to pine for pink anymore, as interior designers all across the nation give the thumbs up sign to pinks ranging from the palest seashell to the boldest raspberry. And, with the addition of light and dark cocoa and chocolate tones, the playfulness of pink is now complemented by the elegance of brown in an assortment of highly fashionable designs. As always, savvy shoppers can hold down the cost when preparing a new baby bedroom by purchasing coordinated packaged collections of pink and brown accessories and crib bedding.

Nowadays, no one has to have an unanswered longing for pink, as decorators everywhere are choosing everything in this shade from pastels to bright raspberry. If you combine your pretty pink tones with one or more attractive brown tones, the frivolity of the pinks is then counterbalanced by the richness and visual weight of the browns. Shoppers who want to go light on their wallets while preparing a new baby bedroom can buy the coordinated packaged collections of pink and brown accessories and baby bedding.

The present article deals with the modern well-appointed lavatories only. But at the same time, in recent times, there have been a resurrection in the other parts of the house also, which is obvious if you look at the department stores’ and the decorators’ collections. More pronounced effect is observed the baby sleeping room collections which now look gorgeous and attractive with a modern amalgamation of pink and brown crib set.

The Sunday Styles Section put pink decor front and center; the front page printed stories of eager shoppers searching for rose toilets and patterned pink shower curtains, told of home decorators covering walls in bright pink paints, and even included a photograph of a man sporting a formal pink dress shirt alongside the articles.