Your Personal Stimulus Package – 4 Keys to Continued Success & Motivation

How much is it worth for you to feel successful, motivated and stay inspired while the rest of the U.S. seems to sink with each piece of bad news?

Colleagues, family and friends alike give the same answer: “Priceless!”

I hope my four keys to personal success and motivation will help you stay inspired:

#1: Listen to others in a non-judgmental manner while they vent and express their feelings and thoughts.

Listening carefully and attentively lets others know you heard and understand both the content and the meaning of what is being expressed.

Right now people are wearing their thoughts and feelings on their sleeves and expressing pent up frustration and anxiety about all kinds of personal topics, including kids, relatives, work, home, the car and the finances. Anything and everything seems like fair game to share and vent about.

Venting is a way to “clear the air” and bring feelings out in the open. It’s like talking to yourself out loud, only you have an audience that is listening attentively and encouraging you to express yourself. It actually brings clarity and focus to what might otherwise seem chaotic and unstructured.

Venting allows people to unload and move on to more productive ideas, find solutions and take action.

When you allow others this opportunity to release their frustration, they will see you as supportive and encouraging during times of stress.

#2: Enhance your self-esteem by doing an activity or volunteering to help others.

Spending time doing something for someone else puts the focus on them and away from you. When you do this, you can no longer be knee deep in your own private pity party, feeling sorry for your own personal situation.

Remember the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” Bringing people together for the purpose of enhancing the life of another cannot help but give you a sense of accomplishment and reward. At the end of the day, you realize that it’s not all about you and that there are times when it’s all about someone else.

Bringing people together for a common cause or purpose increases the likelihood for success and achievement.

Others will be supportive of you and the generosity you give freely to others. You will be seen as compassionate and committed to making a difference!

#3: Remember to use quality versus quantity as a yardstick for measuring yourself.

You will feel, think and act successful when you stick to producing the best results and the best job than when you produce many below standard or acceptable results. Maintaining a sense of self-respect and dignity rather than standing in a pool of mediocrity and half-hearted results will propel you to take more action and set an example for others to follow. You will be perceived as a leader, not a follower.

#4: Manage the change taking place in your life by staying centered and even-keeled.

Dramatic change is affecting everyone in every aspect of our lives. Staying focused on your core beliefs and values will add to creative problem-solving and solution-based actions. Actions always speak louder than words. Taking action gives you a sense of control and generates enthusiasm, energy and motivation to do more.

Change and stress can cause you to narrow your thinking and problem-solving ability. This is exactly what you do not want during this time period.

Taking measured and consistent action will allow others will see you as productive, innovative and sincere.

If you are finding it difficult to stay inspired, motivated and achievement driven, remember that seeking help from a life coach will get you back on track!