Your Thinking – Your Friend Or Your Enemy?

L recently brought out a list of the 25 all-time dud-movies. Number 1 on the list is a 2001 movie called Town & Country, starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. Now although these are two consummate actors, The New York Observer’s film critic, Rex Reed, wrote on May 6, 2001, “…when mature stars I admire and rely on for sanity, symmetry and vision turn out incomprehensible gibberish like the catastrophic Town & Country, all hopes are dashed. This labored, charmless mess has been gathering dust on an editing-room shelf for three years, for reasons that become painfully obvious in a matter of minutes.”

Now don’t you think the actors in this movie would have liked to change the script? The problem is that even though the actors, the producers, heck, the person holding the microphone might realize the movie is a dud, they are all captive to the script since they are required to follow it meticulously.

In the same way you may feel that your life is not working out, that it is pending on a disaster. Yet, just like the actors in a dud-movie you are captive to a “bad” script. Wouldn’t you also like to know that the script directing your life is under your control and one that will ensure that you reach your full potential? Of course you would and the great news is that it is possible! You can change the script dictating your life and release your full potential.

You were born with unlimited potential and ability to be creative. You are an awesome and unique entity filled with unlimited potential and immense capabilities that are just waiting to be released in your life. In fact, you are created with the same unlimited creative potential contained in the universe; you are brimming with the unlimited potential to create and produce and whatever you dream and desire to become in this life is already alive in you.

But there is only one problem – since childhood you have developed a mindset or life script that often rebels against your innate potential. This life script is like a mental driving force, schema, or script that directs and propels you to act and behave in a certain way. A negative or inhibiting life script will prevent you from releasing the innate potential of your core and also will prevent you from living life to the fullest of all your capability. This life script or belief you have of yourself has become a powerful driving force over the years and consistently directs you away from your full potential and from reaching your dream.

A life script is the collective force of ideas that assembled in your mind over the years of your development concerning who you are, your capabilities, and your place in the world. One can refer to this collective force of ideas as the story of your life, or even the ruling concept, since it began to constantly dictate your perceptions, thoughts, and actions. I refer to it as your life script, since your belief about life and, more importantly, who you are in this life, has become a script that dictates your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and actions – remember, just like the script of a movie directs the actions and behaviors of all the actors in a movie, YOUR THINKING SCRIPT DIRECTS YOUR BEHAVIOR AND ACTIONS.

A “losing-script” will convince you that you are not able to be successful; that you don’t have the ability to become successful, and that you should not even try.

And this is the great truth about the lives of millions of people – it’s not your circumstances that have determined the direction of your life until now, not the outside forces, other people, or bad luck that have kept you from success, absolutely not!


It is not the opinions of other people or the lack of resources that has shaped your life; it is not because you lacked something that you are now living the life you are living. No! Let me state it again:


What is important to note is that the script of your life may direct you to think, believe, and act in a negative fashion even in light of positive circumstances. You may rightfully ask how it is possible that your life script can have such a powerful effect on your life. The answer is profound, yet simple:


At some point in your life you began to believe this collective force of ideas about life and about who you are in this life, and that is what gave it power over you. The power that you have when you believe something is immense and astounding. When you started to believe the ideas about yourself and the world around you, it gained tremendous power over you. It then changed into a ruling force or life script that began to dictate your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions, regardless of your circumstances (and regardless of your true potential!). In spite of evidence to the contrary, you invariably return to acting according to your life script.

What you think, dream, say, and do on a daily basis is the clearest evidence of your LIFE SCRIPT, of your driving force, what your ruling concept is, and what your belief system is about you, your life, and your world around you. If your life script is negative then your thinking, your dreams, and your behavior will be negative too.

Now, until today you were probably not even aware of the powerful effects of your life script. You thought your lack of success and super-performance was because of your lack of resources, your negative circumstances, or maybe things other people said and did to you. Worst of all, some of you ACCEPTED your negative life situation and have been lacking a breakthrough for years because of this. Others among you even gave up and stopped trying to become successful and pursue your dreams altogether.

The truth is that you are now not on the path to fulfill your dreams because your belief system – your life script – is constantly pushing you in another direction, constantly making you doubt your ability and potential and disable you to change.

Some of you are always talking about finding your dream job and how it is going to make you happy and “change everything” once you find it. Yet, truth be told, you have never actually applied for any of those positions. Why? Your actions more clearly give evidence of what you believe about yourself, far more than what you say. Your behavior is the ultimate proof of what script is really driving you. If you don’t really believe in your potential and ability, if you don’t really believe you can reach your dreams, in spite of what you say, your behavior will show it and will reflect it.

Although there are countless possibilities of life scripts, one of the problems with the literature in this field is that it is so overwhelming and vague that a person cannot easily find a proper handle on determining his or her life script.