YouTube For Artists – Making Friends, Building Subscribers

YouTube is great for spreading the news about your products and services. You can represent your artwork nicely and even create training videos for people to watch. Nothing gets your name up on the search engines faster than putting up YouTube videos. But there are things you can do to increase your visibility and get more views of your videos.

Just like with Facebook and other social networks, YouTube gives you the chance to make friends and build subscribers. After you build quite a few of both of these, anytime you release a new video all of your friends will be notified on their home pages right as soon as they log in. This gives you a quick blast of views from all of your friends. That can help increase your search position on YouTube and Google at the same time.

Subscribers are the key to large amounts of views. Every big name YouTuber has thousands of subscribers that keep them at the top. Big views can equal big money if you do it right. It’s cute to see baby turtles, laughing babies and weird dance moves get millions of views, but if you are selling something or teaching people how to do a new skill, it can be very lucrative.

Search for friends based on topics. If you want other artist friends, search the YouTube search engine for “watercolors,” “Drawings” or “Oils” to find the appropriate channels, and befriend those channel owners. As people see their channels, they will see you too. You may just be someone they want to know better and watch all of your videos over and over again!

How can you sell more of your artwork online and make bigger sales?

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