Zhang Zhaozhong: Building The Network Units Is The Future Trend Of Military Development – Network

HC Network Security According to Voice of “peak evening news” 18:18 reported today observer, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, the famous military Expert , National Defense University professor for many years engaged in weapons and equipment, and network warfare research.

Beginning of this year, the Japanese Ministry of Defense decided that, in the year 2011 to establish a special “cyberspace defense team”, the initial number of 60 of the budget of 7,000 million U.S. dollars to prepare for Hacker Attacks, to strengthen the protection of confidential information. Major General Zhang Zhaozhong

Views SDF forming a “network units” Network Warfare Command and the United States set up, this series of events are instructions, information and network with the continuous construction and development, the military set up the appropriate world bodies, is a big trend. Network warfare, we must attach importance to. “China Internet threat,” We must remain vigilant.

Zhang Zhaozhong: information technology and network construction and development to this point, and the army will certainly have to set up the appropriate institutions, is in accordance with the principles of military reform, scientific Technology And weaponry is the most fundamental cause of military reform momentum. To what extent the development of weapons and equipment, the preparation of its institutional and operational theory there will be a corresponding development, while there will be fighting in the corresponding development, so that network units The establishment of military reform is consistent with this feature.

2009 6 24, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered the establishment of a formal network warfare command, the United States became the world’s first publicly War Operators to introduce Internet country. U.S. military command announced the establishment of network news, the country reacted strongly. Britain immediately announced the formation of Network Security Office and network security operations center, began to build a “network Corps.” And South Korea due to hacker attacks have accelerated the rate of formation of network warfare command. The first war the United States set up a network of command, whether the network that the United States has sounded the clarion call of war?

View all the time network war is a war conducted without smoke. The United States and other developed countries led to excessive dependence on information technology in many countries Information Security Especially prominent.

Zhang Zhaozhong: network war as a form of war and the specific form of combat, not all the time in which to combat the world’s network. The operations are divided into several areas. One is relatively independent of military networks, military networks are, and network attacks, hacker attacks, Electronic Warfare, information warfare in the piece. There is also a public Internet network, the network is borderless space is its network operations across borders, across time and space, and if a problem occurs, for each individual and the state vital sector there is a big security risk, such as that the Civil Aviation sector, the banking system, insurance system and the equity markets. So when we all rely on the network, while also increasing the risk of the network.

Current network warfare, network warfare, I call it strategy, it is beyond time and space across national boundaries, you are then where to find it for you from the attacks, also found that attacks the person is who may be soldiers, it could be people, may be adults, it may be a child. Also, network products are mostly developed Western countries such as USA and Japan, other countries have become increasingly dependent on him, he has the power, there are technical means to check your stuff. This towering building is built on sand as well, so this is very unsafe, information security is very fragile.

We view the West spread in China “network threat” remain vigilant, China’s network security strategy is defensive in nature, we will not go for no valid reason to attack others.

Zhang Zhaozhong: As early as 9 years ago, my “network war” on the said book, whether a country or an individual, if in times of peace to unprovoked attacks on another country’s government website or attack any a personal website, this is illegal, this and no to different terrorist attacks, we Chinese do not do that. But the West to receive a funding from the government, in order to build their own network unit, in order to establish their own enemy, always boasts a network of China threat theory, this is alarming.

(Network) what are you made, the computer that you made, where the root server in your operating system are you, how I would attack you? Our strategy is defense, we will not go for no valid reason to attack others, we rely more and more of the network, so is weak. We in China should establish its own network security system, a publicity and education should pay attention to, let everyone know the importance of network security, to establish a corresponding laws and regulations, more importantly, measures should be technically, these areas should be strengthened. SABUNG AYAM