Zhanjiang People Said Liquefied Gas Burned By Impatience Mixed With Dimethyl Ether – Lpg, Dimethyl

HC Chemical Network News, Recently some members of the public reflect: liquefied gas flame is not sufficient, and presented a yellow red, a bottle of liquefied gas to fire a month ago, now burned more than 20 days had no gas. This in the end is why? Reporter recently Zhanjiang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau that: This is because some unscrupulous companies due to LPG mixed with dimethyl ether.

Ordinary cylinder charging are dangerous, dimethyl ether

Zhanjiang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau official said, dimethyl ether of the general cylinder and Pidian have corrosion. Eventually lead cylinder Bottle Thinning, pressure drop; Pidian Once the corrosion will lead to cylinder leak or explosion. Long-term commitment will become a security risk, as members of the public in the “time bomb.” Dimethyl ether as a new type of fuel, must be equipped with special cylinders and stoves to use. Therefore, DME can not charge into the common liquid gas bottle filling, you must use special containers, but the State has not formally set out the relevant standards.

It is understood, LPG mixed with dimethyl ether does not affect the burn effect, but would reduce the cost of gas companies, there are “shoddy” is suspect. And liquefied petroleum gas and dimethyl ether calories than low, with the DME cook the same thing longer than the liquefied gas, so a bottle of liquefied gas than ever before appear on the “non-durable.”

Urban areas “mobile LPG filling stations”

Journalists held at the end of Zhanjiang City LPG Safety meeting was informed that there are individual gas stations Zhanjiang presence of dimethyl ether doping case, which Asaaki a bottle of liquefied gas filling stations in urban areas than in the company of some formal liquefied gas station about 20 yuan cheaper, some people also reflected in the increase of the gas there is not durable, most likely cause of dimethyl ether was added. According to the rich multi-gas company official said, the current market prices per ton of liquid dimethyl ether Oil Gas cost about 2,000 yuan, profit space is very large, so some unscrupulous companies willing to defy the law. Ms. Chen told reporters

the public, her home has increased over a “floating liquefied gas filling stations” of the gas. She said, “Mobile LPG filling stations” are usually converted van: van after the two rows of seats have been removed, which stood a large LPG tank, one of the liquefied gas can down, and then also a plus outlet air gun. Placed next to a liquefied gas tank Electronic Scale, the entire car filled with a thick liquid gas smell. Miss Chen said: “The van has no protective measures, the driver and there is no barrier between the LPG tank, the car has not posted safety signs, if encountered fire, lead to disastrous consequences.”

Learned that the “flow of liquefied gas filling stations” not only low prices, plus gas is also very simple, if someone’s need for gas, phone call, there is sufficient car in the past, this collection of cans sent to the liquefied gas than the first Station CHARGE to save trouble and then give the user much more. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the person in charge to remind the public, for safety reasons, should go to a regular gas station LPG company inflated. SABUNG AYAM