Zhejiang East Is Light Valve Tube Entry Level: The World’s Window Is Broader – The Valve, The

[HC Network News] 2008 Olympics Will be held in Beijing, China, black hair and yellow skin round the countless centuries the Chinese people’s Olympic dream. These days, to levy a sacred and peaceful Olympic torch pass in the world has become the focus of world attention. The Olympic torch in China, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the first leg as the third station, making for a time immersed in the Zhejiang festive atmosphere. HC Network as a leading B2B e-commerce company, throughout the country, this historic scenes, how few people pay attention to the HC and the participation of passion? In the torch relay, we will pass the Olympic flame and the Chinese economy and the impact on the enterprise network interviewed a lot of new friends old friends HC. Zhejiang East is the valve pipe fittings Co., Ltd. Mr. Guang-Ping, chairman of items at this historical moment accepted our interview and we look at as an entrepreneur, he has a kind of looking forward to the Olympic Games.

Zhejiang East is Valve Tube Co., Ltd. Light-ping, chairman item
Key light level network through HC expressed their patriotism, excitement, said, “because the prosperity of the motherland, have today on the Olympic torch pass in the vast land of opportunity, this is before we dare not think of that as China I am very proud people. “

Key light level on the development of enterprises is full of confidence: “Olympic Games will be held, will make the world better understand China, and make more friends in the world come to China to give us more opportunities to communicate with the world, will allow We are a window into the broader world. Let us access to more management ideas and methods, while allowing us the opportunity to attract talent to the world’s key point. “

Key light-ping said the company will organize their staff in the Olympic knowledge quiz for the Olympic Games. If you have the chance, the company will go to welcome the torch run-up activities. The company does not step in the development of key optical Ping said: “We will adjust our export strategy to attract more foreign customers to come to China to promote the development of the company.”

Here, key light level, said, “I have to pass through this platform I HC Network Olympic blessing: ‘blessing Olympic Games a complete success, wished China greater prosperity, I wish world peace forever!'”

Attached to Company Profile: East is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang enterprises Shacheng Longwan Industrial Park, is currently a small number of high precision sanitary fluid equipment manufacturing enterprises, enterprises with advanced production equipment, perfect quality assurance system and excellent after-sales service system further established industry leader in the valve.

East is specialized in producing sanitary valves, pneumatic valves, fluid fittings, sanitary fittings and other four major categories of products, all products by the Japanese company’s CNC machining center Zach LGMazak equipment production, according to different manufacturing processes can finish , material and industrial standards such as DIN, SMS, IDF, ISO, BS, PS, 3A, RJT, and BPE and other manufactured and continually adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials, and actively develop new products for all sectors valves to provide the latest products and best service. Products are widely used Dairy , Food , Beer , Beverages , Pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries.

Our consistent emphasis on product quality, adhere to high quality materials, advanced design and strict manufacturing standards for the perfect combination of advanced technology and management to bring you quality assurance, to provide customers with excellent products and perfect service, establishing corporate brand image, create the valve industry, fine. SABUNG AYAM