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December 24 News for India Market Some of the changes ZTE Communications recently said Huang Dabin, general manager of India, will compete for the upcoming India 3G Market, and very confident.

India still using ZTE equipment operators

Concern for the domestic Indian market, some of the recent policy changes, said Huang Dabin had this year in India, several things happened. One is the security issue, some people believe that China Communicate Device has national security; second recent visa problems, India’s demand that all foreigners working visa.

But recently, there are a lot of changes in the Indian market, for example, started from December 8, the Indian Finance Ministry announced that China will have originated in synchronous digital Transmission equipment (SDH) to impose provisional anti-dumping duty, the highest price for the imports (CIF) of 236%.

This, Huang Dabin said before, India has also convened a meeting operators, but the carriers are strongly opposed to the Indian government restrictions on Chinese equipment manufacturers, equipment manufacturers from China because of cost, quality and so forth have led to dependence, this matter Finally let the matter rest. European operators are still used in India, ZTE subsidiary of the equipment, indicating that market-driven or in the hands of operators. Other global equipment manufacturers are now more and more concentrated.

On the visa issue, he said, in terms of the ZTE, has 2,000 local team, the Chinese employees engaged in management, negotiation and technical training, project implementation. In addition, visa or manageable?? In addition to executive, financial and other key positions in China and the rest can be a local.

Have confidence in the Indian market

“This time the voice of many of India, there are many views on the Indian market, but from my point of view, still very confident”, said Huang Dabin so. ZTE is China as 3G equipment market has the largest share of occupants.

According to foreign media reports, India’s telecoms minister Raja Monday said the country will be scheduled on January 14 next year, 3G telecom licenses start the auction process.

Raja said that India will auction four radio frequency bands. Earlier, the Indian government has to state-owned telecom service provider BSNL (BharatSancharNigam) and MahanagarTelephoneNigam assigned a radio band.

This, said Huang Dabin, ZTE in India has accumulated rich experience and brand, confidence in the 3G race in a favorable position, it will be 3G in China after the world another important market opportunities.

His view, in the 3G era, the future development of the Indian market only with the private operators and the growth of multinational operators, which become more reasonable, therefore, survive, continue to optimize the customer structure of opportunity in the future.

Huang Dabin said, “India is the world’s highly competitive market area, large-scale competition, this is a problem plaguing us and the biggest challenge. However, the Indian market volume for any one would like to make a difference in the world The company, must go. no do not put a global device giant India. “

He also said, “India in terms of the ZTE is the largest single country overseas market, Ericsson is also the largest. And manufacturers in India as in Europe must adapt to low-cost. Major equipment manufacturers to actively develop the Indian market can scale down costs in the world. ” SABUNG AYAM
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